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 photo howtomakechalkpaint.jpgChalk Paint  photo howtolineadrawer.jpgLining a Drawer  photo paintroller_painting101.pngHow to Paint  photo satinlinedblanket_tutorial.jpgSatin Blanket
 photo shamrockjarstutorial.jpgShamrock Jars  photo HowtoRepotaLuckyBambooPlant.jpgRepotting a Plant  photo hoodedfleeceblankettutorial.jpgHooded Blanket  photo DIYWhippedSheaButterMix.jpgShea Butter
 photo DIYMoisturizingMistingSpray.jpgMisting Spray  photo CoveredBarStools.jpgBar Stools  photo creatinggetwellgiftbasket.jpgGet Well Basket  photo HowtoCreatePhotoNotecards.jpgNote Cards
 photo HowToCreateanEdibleSoilProfile.jpgEdible Soil  photo howtocover3Dletters.jpg3D Letters  photo HomemadeBugRepellant.jpgBug Spray  photo RecycledTrellises.jpgDIY Trellis

Video Tutorials 

Planters Makeover Curb Appeal Henna Application
Indigo Application
Purse Organization
Mirror Makeover

Videos: Craft Room Makeover

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5a
Part 5b
Part 6
Part 7

Videos: Gardening Adventures 

Video Logs (Vlogs) 

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