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Hello!  My name is Elisabeth, but since Kindergarten I've been known affectionately as "Libby".  By profession I am a teacher, but here on this blog space, I get to share with you my other passions.

Back in June of 2010 I became the official name behind Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth.  I chose that name because I think it suits who I am as a person.  I love so many different creative outlets that I can't choose just one.  My expressions may come in the form of crochet, photography, cooking, crafting, sewing, and most recently, knitting.  Let's also throw in there that I change my hairstyles quite frequently - another expression!

One thing I love about this thing called the internet, is that for the first real time, I can openly shout, "I love crochet!" and I don't get that "grandma" or "old maid" backlash.  I can be free to be me and to communicate with other like-minded people of all ages.

That's it for now.  If you enjoy this blog, leave a trail behind and comment.  Feel free to explore this world of creativity with my blogger friends and me.  :-)

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