The Cover Up

As much as I love the idea of peering out of open windows or the joys of full sunlight beaming into a room, I knew that that was unrealistic.  I would need window treatments.  Probably about a year ago, I finally found the curtain rods that I wanted from Tuesday Morning.  Yes, a year ago.  Truth is, I've been pinning ideas for this space for at least two years!  Some would ask how I know what I want in a space.  The answer is - for any space I've ever redecorated, I've always had an inspiration piece.  When no inspiration piece availed itself, no major changes ever occurred in that space.  (That's why it took eons for the master bedroom to have some sense of style.)

So what is the inspiration piece for my guest room makeover?  This gorgeous swan that I purchased from the Habitat Restore for $5.00.  I was stoked when I found this piece.  It actually has a companion, but you'll have to wait to see the other when I'm all done.

Handyman #2 installed faux plantation blinds (they're vinyl, not wood, and so much more affordable) and the curtain rods.  The only reason they are currently unadorned is because I can't find the curtains I purchased about a year ago.  (Insert shame-face.) So now you know I'm not as organized as people think.

The walls are looking better each day (color-wise), but I'm also noticing more places where I need to touch up the paint.  I can see the primer peeking through.  No worries, though.  Then I can say that I painted (even if just a little bit) in this space.

The pictures below were taken at night, as opposed to the first photo with the swan.  Please bear with the lighting....

I'm inserting my two latest videos regarding this makeover project.  Enjoy!

Until next time,


  1. Beautiful!!!! I love the rods. The plantation blinds are classic and perfect in the room. I am loving your swan inspiration piece. What a fantastic find!

  2. I like the wall color. Very pretty.

  3. Funny to see blinds inside the window as we have it outside (they protect the glass as well as shut out the light). Ours aren't this pretty though. I always learn something new with you! :-) Can't wait to see how will you use the swan and its companion. Your courtains must be somewhere around, but you will find them in the last place you search —trust me.

  4. I love stopped by here to read your blog and watched your channel! SO many beautiful things you shared - I am praising God for you! I missed your blogpost too, and I love the new design here. Kiss and hug!

  5. Hi Libby! Love the wall color. I have become a grey fanatic. Curtain rods are beautiful too. Hope you find your curtain panels. Btw your Habitat Restore is so much bigger and better stocked than the one near me; so envious.

  6. They look so beautiful now with the gorgeous rods!

  7. Hi Libby! I love those rods! They are very pretty. We have a Habitat Restore here that I've been meaning to check out sometime. I keep forgetting it's there.


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