So, I changed my blog name....AGAIN!

Hi lovelies,

If you've managed to stumble upon my blog for the second time within the week, you notice that there is a change.  Not only did I upload a new template, that I'm still trying to figure out, but I changed my blog name...again!  I've been through several sets of changes over the years, but this time will be a bit different because I'm not bothering to change the URL and all that jazz.  You know who I am.  But because I closed the business associated with my blog name, I figured it was time that my blog matched the name I created for myself on YouTube as well - absolutely, Elisabeth!  I believe the name still lets my audience know that I do a bunch of things; I can't be categorized by one area, and thus, it still allows me to share bits and pieces of everything right here.

I miss blogging.  It's a completely different style of writing that is quite liberating.  I think I'll try it again!

Stick around,


  1. I love this template Libby! So clean and modern. The name is perfect. :)

  2. Oh, what a beautiful template you chose! So clean and simple and airy, I love it. The new name (although I already saw it on YouTube) suits you perfectly. Glad to have you blogging again, my friend! :-)


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