Preparing the Walls for Color

It's almost surreal that a project I've dreamed about, planned in my head and on my secret Pinterest board, is finally coming to fruition.  I've got one of those brains that goes a 1,000, jam-packed of one idea after another, so it's good that this idea is finally being implemented so as to free up some room for all the other 999 ideas.  Anyone else's brain works like this?

The painter came on Saturday morning to begin prepping the walls for painting.  Although it took months for our schedules to coincide, I'm thankful he sacrificed his Saturday to make allowances for my long weekdays.  I was immediately impressed with his level of professionalism - the mere fact that I could go about my business without him asking me for any supplies was stellar.  Additionally, he was meticulous in his craft.  (You know when you know how to do the work that you're hiring someone else to do, you can be hyper-critical.  I have no complaints thus far.) 

In older homes, the sheetrock is different from what you purchase now.  The surface is not smooth.  Nevertheless, he repaired imperfections, sanded as needed, and applied sheetrock mud to numerous areas to ensure a smooth surface.  He even mudded over all my paint swatches instead of just covering them with primer.

Several cloths lined the floor to keep debris from dirtying the carpet.  I appreciate that, even though I aim to clean the carpet before returning the furniture to the space. 

My dream would be to replace the flooring, as I'm not a fan of my carpet anymore.  (Ahem, an afternoon trip to Lowes to get my faux plantation blinds led me down the flooring aisle to purchase samples of hardwood and wood laminate floors.  That would be a dream!  Let me pin that.)

Although my geometry teacher warned against assuming anything, I am going out on a limb and stating that if his prep work is any indication of his painting, I will be pleased with the final outcome. 

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  1. I'm curious about what colour you chose for this room. Since the carpet is dark and there are two windows, I'd go with white or cream, but the samples I saw in your previous posts were dark. Can't wait to see it! :-)

  2. You are so lucky to find a great contractor! I am sure the room will be gorgeous!

    Flooring is definitely something to save up for. I really dislike carpeting and went from my old ranch which was all hardwood to a house that was fully carpeted. Using a Swiffer is 1000 times easier than a vacuum! At least we were able to remove all the downstairs carpeting this past year so no I just have to deal with a staircase and bedrooms.

    I have that brain too with too many ideas and not enough focus or time!


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