Is Anybody Out There???

Hi Lovelies,

It's been ages since I've really been present on my blog.  Trust me, I now understand (even when it saddened me) when bloggers post that dreaded announcement that they will no longer continue blogging.  My life has been so full lately that blogging was not an activity that I could readily participate in, and since my crafting days have pretty much come to a stand-still, I wasn't sure if my readers would still be interested in hearing from me.  At any rate, here I am...wondering if anybody's out there.

If you're still subscribed, or just passing by, please leave a comment below so that I can get a sense of whether or not we can reconnect.  I have lots to say, I've just been saying it on my YouTube channel.  But there's something special about writing, blogging that taps into another part of your brain and gives you a different type of fulfillment.

Ok, that's enough for now, let's hear from you!

As always,

Hugs & Kisses,


  1. Hi Libby,
    I was surprised to see of post from you show on my feed! I hope you continue to blog when you have a chance. Blogging has definitely slowed down for many bloggers out there with sites like Instagram taking up time. I don't blog anywhere near as often as I used to but still keep it going for fun and to document bits and pieces of what I am up to.

  2. Here I am! As someone who doesn't own a phone, I still prefer reading blogs at my own pace than engaging in social media. Hopefully you'll be able to spend time writing on your blog and be back to crafty life soon, but for now focus on what's important and enjoy these little rest moments with what makes you happy. :-)
    Hugs, my friend.

  3. Hey, girl! I haven't been blogging for ages, almost a year, but I decided to check things out today. I miss seeing what everyone's been up to. So now, I'm off to look at a few more of your posts.


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