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For today's segment, I decided to talk a bit about how I'm going to help manage a skin condition I have - seborrheic dermatitis.  I've been diagnosed with this since I was about 20 years old, so about 20 years ago.  It's not a condition that can be cured; only managed.  I believe that the root cause of mine is stress related, as it only flares up during really stressful times.  Dermatologists often prescribe a shampoo (which is not designed for my hair type because it clings terribly to all my coils and is difficult to wash out) and a oil steroid (which if you use it too much you will think out your hair).  So basically, I do my best not to have to use those products.  Managing stress is the real key and also having a moisture routine that really, really works!

In reviewing my hair/scalp life, I realized that my scalp and hair were at it's best when I followed a more Ayurvedic routine.  The herbs used are powerhouses for managing and getting rid of many conditions as well as adding moisture to the hair.  It can be a bit time consuming, which is how I strayed away, but luckily through Etsy, I found someone who has dedicated time to mixing these herbs.

If you're interested or just a bit curious, check out Priya from the NIRMITY Shop:  Ayurvedic Hair Mask -

I also decided that instead of getting extension twists or braids or having my own strands out, I would try a wig!  GASP!  I've done that before a few years back, but this wig is well-made and I absolutely love it.  It's made by Toni Daley of  She designed this wig to mimic the hair of a popular Youtube Vlogger, Gabrielle (Gabe from GabeBabe TV and The Gabe Fix).

I hope I'm on the right track.  I hate that I had to lose some hair in the trimming process, but hopefully with the TLC I'm giving it, it will grow back faster and healthier.  I'm pretty sure when my schedule calms down, my scalp will too!



  1. Hi Libby! It's been a while. I took a bread from blogging for quite some time but I'm back. So sorry to hear about your scalp flare up. Hope it gets better soon. Love the wig! It's really natural looking. I redesigned my blog so please stop by when you have some time: Meaningful Remnants


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