The SSSVEDA Challenge | DAY 13: WHAT'S IN A NAME?

Hello lovelies,

Today the topic of discussion centers around names.  Sometimes we are named specifically after someone, like a family member.  Other times names may be chosen because of its sound.  And then names can be chosen for cultural significance.  I'm sure there are other rationales behind the choosing of a specific name, but one thing I believe is that names matter.

My parents explained the significance of my first name.  As a kid, I wasn't too much a fan of it because it was long and in my generation, there was a plethora of these short, cutsy names like Amy and Tina.  I had what was considered a classic name.  Timeless.  Fast forward to now, I wouldn't change my name (although I also use my nickname).

What about you?  If you have children, how did you decide upon their names?  What does your name mean to you?



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