The Tea Tag


Hello lovelies,

I recently participated in a Tea Tag on Youtube and I wanted to share it with you as well.  I'm pretty sure that this tag isn't isolated to the Youtube community so I want to tag each of you tea lovers because I'd love to see your answers.  If you choose to participate, please create your blog post and add it into the link up below.

Here are the questions for the Tea Tag:

1. Hot or cold?
2. Strong or weak?
3. Loose leaf or tea bags?
4. Do you buy your tea out or steep it at home?
5. Favorite cold tea?
6. Favorite hot tea?
7. When do you like to drink your tea?
8. What do you like in your tea? Milk, cream, sugar, etc?
9. Have you always liked tea?
10. What tea do you recommend?
11. Do you have a favorite brand of tea?
12. Least favorite tea?
13. Is there a particular snack you like to eat with your tea?
14. What is your favorite mug?

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