Happy Valentine's Day - 2017

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  (Some may also say, Happy Friendship Day!). I'll take that too.

I know that people may celebrate (or not) Valentine's Day in different ways. For some it's the most endearing holiday and for others it is cringe-worthy. I feel neither of those polar-opposite emotions this year. Does that mean I've evolved?  lol . This year I open proclaim my Mom as my boo! Yes.

My Mom has gotten to where she likes exchanging Valentine's Day gifts with me.  I'm not exactly sure when this began, but I noticed it especially after my dad passed.  Before, it was more of a thing between them.  Now, I gladly share my Valentine's with my Mom.  This year she gave me a small gift bag with a card, an inspirational book, and a few candy and scented treats.  Do you think I left her hanging?  Absolutely not!

I had already purchased a gift basket about two weeks ago for Valentine's. The basket was filled by a member of an educational organization in which I am a member. That made it all the more special. Check out my video to see all the goodies my Mom and I shared (or will share).

So, how do you spend your Valentine's Day?



  1. What a wonderful idea to exchange gifts with mom! I recently saw the ad for the Lindt strawberries and cream on tv. They sound amazing!


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