My First Avocado Toast

This year I want to add more plant-based meals in my diet.  I've been watching hoards of YouTube videos of plant-based meals, including avocado toast.  Jenné a.k.a. SweetPotatoSoul, one of my favorite vegan Youtubers, isn't shy about her love for avocado toast, so I decided to give it a try as she recommends....sprinkled with fennel seeds.

Such a simple breakfast - mashed avocado with salt & pepper, spread on toasted oatnut bread, and sprinkled with fennel seeds.  The first avocado toast was so good, that I made another.  And drank it with a cup of rosy earl gray tea.  You guys know how I feel about my tea.  Yum.

Did I mention that I'm attempting to grow an avocado tree...indoors?  Ha Ha!  No, but seriously, my students from last year wanted to plant my avocado see in water so I let them.  And this is where I am with this tree at this point.  I need to place it in soil and see what happens.

So what simple breakfasts do you enjoy?  My morning prep time is super limited (like practically non-existant) and I need ideas. Do share...



  1. Yummy! I love avocado but am boring with it, just dicing is up for Mexican style dishes. I will have to try the toast. That is so neat that your avocado tree is growing in doors. I wonder how many years it takes to bear fruit.

  2. I love avocados. This looks delicious.


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