Happy New Year! {2017}

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And finally...by God's grace, I was able to press "submit" for my research paper, presentation, and post survey!  Finishing unfinished business has been a test of faith in the midst of extreme fatigue, oral surgery, and life happenings, but it's done!  As soon as it's official, completing this work means that I can prepare for my comprehensive exams this spring semester.  

So thankful for the support of friends and family and a jovial, yet competent oral surgeon who understood my sudden request for fried rice and caesar salad.  Thanks, Mom, for making two food runs to ensure my health, well-being, and sanity.  And special thank you to my friend who encouraged my heart, this morning, through the voice of Daryl Coley.  And now my vacation (of 1 day) can begin...(starting with shutting this computer off!)

I wish you all health, peace, love, and the blessings that only God provides during the coming year. 

Happy New Year!  



  1. Happy New Year friend! May God bless and keep you and grant you speedy healing.

  2. Congratulations Libby! I know it has been a crazy year for you! I hope 2017 is a little bit easier. :)

  3. Congratulations on completing your research paper Libby. All the best in 2017.


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