And Then There Was Matthew...

So I'll admit, I've been away from my own blog for much longer than I would like to imagine.  So perhaps it does take a hurricane coming through to allow me the time to update you all on life.

So let's rewind to the end of September.  September is my birthday month and I'm thankful to have been allowed to have a milestone birthday - 40!  Yes, on the 25th of September I crossed over into another decade.  Part of me really wanted to have a celebration of sorts (because I never do that) and yet, my schedule didn't allow for much.

I'm thankful for my childhood friends who took me to lunch where I was able to taste my first eggplant parmesan.  Let's just say that I'm in LOVE!  I now dream of eggplant parm.  Is that crazy or what?!

We also stopped by my favorite cupcake shop - CCups. This business is owned by a breast cancer survivor and proceeds go to cancer research.  Plus, they bake cupcakes fresh daily and you never know which ones they will have.

Speaking of cancer research, at work, my school participated in Relay for Life.  It was my first Relay for Life experience.  We had a team and participated in the team lap.  To see so many survivors completing their survivor lap and then to see the caregivers....I mean, it was an amazing experience. A bit of a tearjerker, but amazing nonetheless.  I couldn't stay all night (as this event was 24 hours) but I did stay well into the evening.

Somewhere between my birthday and all the studying I've been doing, I went insane and gutted out my closets.  Seriously!  I just started yanking everything out, sorting, purging, and restocking the closet using only black clothes hangers.  It was that serious.  But (secretly) I feel better.

And now, just as we enter into the second week of October, Hurricane Matthew graced our path. Truth be told, although many are still without power, I'm thankful that the damage our way was not severe.  In the county where I work and the next two counties over (they have a much lower elevation), they have been severely flooded.  When the news anchorman gets in a canoe to cover the story, that tells you right there that it's serious.

We still haven't returned to work because some schools still don't have electricity, so I'm busy trying to catch up on all the grad work I was unable to do while the power was out the past couple of days. Plus, I never finished the work from my internship this summer.  Trust me, I'm getting it done.  But if you know me well, you know, I dream of painting and home improvement projects.

I couldn't resist slapping a huge sample of grey paint in my guest room.  I really couldn't.  Something came over me and said, "Do it!" so I did.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  :-)

Be well!



  1. 40th is an important birthday to mark and celebrate, indeed! I'm owing you a meaningful present to commemorate it. :-)
    You have been pretty busy, sorting out clothes, trying new paint and finishing work. Is grey definitive? Sounds great but keep in mind it needs to be a shade that goes well with the brown wooden floor and furniture. Can't wait to see your progress!

  2. Happy belated birthday Libby! After 40 it seems to become difficult to remember how old you are when people ask. :) You never had eggplant parmesan until now? That is a popular dish up our way. We make it occasionally and like our eggplant slices cut very thin before breading so it takes a long time to make. The result is so amazing though! It was so sad to hear that there were deaths here from Matthew. Terrible storm. I am loving that grey you chose. Go for it!


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