Life Update - August 2016

Can you believe that August is almost over?  When I reflect back over my August, it's hard to imagine all of the events that have taken place in nearly 31 days.

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Although my Belize trip was technically in the latter part of July, my return home was in August.  Right after I returned, I attended my family reunion (on my dad's side).  Then, I officially got home
during the weekend.  The following Monday, I was voted in as the assistant principal of my school! Yeah, so I never mentioned that.  But at the end of the school year, I applied for an assistant principal position.  I interviewed for a position right before I left for Belize.  After I returned, the celebration began!  If you're reading this post on Tuesday, then I have just completed my first official day as an AP (with students).  I'm really excited about this new segment of my journey in education, and am looking forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of students from a different vantage point.

Along with the celebrating, there's been a lot of reflection around these parts too.  I've been thinking about my dad a whole lot lately, and I know in part, that it has to do with this new position I have.  You see, he finished up his career as an AP in the same district where I currently work.  I found these black and white yearbook photos of him sitting at his desk and I knew that at least one of them had to have a place in my office.  Although I haven't had time to truly make the space my own, the one personal item in there is a picture of dad.  I'll add some more photos later but the rest of my family doesn't take pictures as frequently.  I'll find the perfect ones though.  No one will be slighted.  :-)
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Yes, I'm still taking classes in the doctoral program.  I'm down to 11 credit hours left in the coursework component of the program.  Six of those hours, I'm taking now.  So this Fall semester I'm taking a course in politics in education and a course on global and comparative education.  I'm hoping, in particular, that my internship in Belize, this global education class, and the immigration class that I took this past summer will mesh together really well and give me better insight on what specifically I want to study for my dissertation.

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Oh, let me not forget that Grandma B turned 84 in August.  She could not be more thrilled!  We had a birthday celebration at her house and yes, she wore her princess tiara!

I think that's it for a little while.  I am always trying to work on a house project or plan my next move. Now, to find time to execute said plan.  Just know that the chest of drawers that I bought from the Habitat Restore is finally sitting in my craft room, ready for a makeover.  The idea is that if I keep seeing it there, staring at me like it is right now, that when I figure out my schedule, I'll feel the need to chalk paint that baby.  heehee

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Ok, folks.  That's all for now!

Stay tuned,


  1. Congratulations Libby! How exciting to be voted in as AP. Even more so that this is a position your dad held. He is looking down on you so proud, no doubt! Happy birthday to grandma. :)

  2. I know your Daddy is very proud of what you have accomplished! Heck, we are! I had no idea that he was a AP also. That is beyond wonderful. Hope you are having a fabulous week with the new job.

    Happy Birthday Grandma B!!!!


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