July was unBelizable!

The last couple of weeks of July I was able to return to Belize to complete a second internship.  The requirement for my educational internship was that I had to study in an area of education that was in a different position and placement than where I currently worked.  It didn't have to be international; however, I loved my first Belize experience so much that I asked permission to visit again. Permission was granted.

My internship was with the Ministry of Education.  I was able to work with them and help them create an online curriculum resource site to help teachers have a place to find specific resources to help them in the classroom.  While there, I met with groups of teachers, ranging from Infant 1 to Standard 6 (US translation: Pre-K to 8th Grade).  The teachers and administrations provided such great insight on their educational system, the challenges they faced, and the successes that they experience as well.  I truly enjoyed having the opportunity for dialogue because it paints a more realistic picture than what is often provided in surveys alone.  My hope is that I will be able to choose a dissertation topic that stems from my internship experience.


In between working on my own project, I was also able to join in with the other university students who completed other internship experiences.  In the afternoons, I volunteered at a literacy camp held at the public library. Working with children is an amazing experience.  They bring such joy and spark to any lesson taught.  You should have seen them playing literacy games, including charades. Hilarious!

Spending even a day in Belize is such a cultural explosion.  Yes, we all attended activities such as snorkeling or diving trips and we even visited a live museum to learn the history of the Garifuna people.  I enjoyed those excursions (even though I didn't participate because I can't swim), plus I attended those last year as well.

The excursion that I had been longing for was to visit the Mayan ruins.  And we did!  We visited Lamanai where we learned the rich history of the Mayan people and where I was able to climb two temples.

Mask Temple
Mask Temple

High Temple
High Temple
(This was the farthest I could go, and the last area with any kind of railing.  The final peak {see those people up there?} is narrow with no protection.  Um, no.)

When on my own, I enjoyed the conversations held with the locals.  Again, it is fascinating to capture the varying perspectives of individuals in any given space.  It is a true testament that multiple realities can coexist because everyone's experiences are unique to them.

Through it all, you know the food was amazing.  I mean, such flavor in every dish.  Even though there was one meal where I longed for something plain (by comparison), that moment didn't last for long.  Even now, I long for Neri's (the place that makes the best fry jacks and tacos).  I brought some spices and ingredients back, as well as a cookbook, in hopes that I may be able to recreate even just one dish that reminds me of Belize.

Fry Jack
Traditional Belizian Breakfast
I hope to be able to return again.  Despite the appearance of Hurricane Earl, it will not dampen my love for the beautiful San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I created a playlist of videos made while in Belize.  It includes short videos on the foods I ate, the colors, various trips, etc.  Feel free to watch them HERE.


  1. Your experience sounds amazing Libby! The Mayan temples look awesome! I hope you are able to recreate some of your favorite dishes of Belize. I am sure having the proper spices on hand will make all the difference. :)

  2. I love that you not only experiences your education internship but also you get to explore the cultures which is awesome! I should be back to you and sending you my home address soon! Oh I am so bad for replying people's message hehe - I hope you have wonderful weekend my friend.

  3. So glad to hear that your return trip was amazing. I would have been standing right next to you at the temple being I'm not a heights fan either. Especially when there are no rails!!!


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