Guess Who's Growing an....?

Several months back, I opted for avocado instead of mayonnaise on my sandwich for lunch.  Many of my students were fascinated with the avocado, mostly because they hadn't seen one or seen the seed of one before.  After the question of What is that? was answered, the follow up question was, Can we plant it?

But of course!  Now I know that I don't live in the proper climate to truly produce fruit, but I'm pretty sure the tree could still grow.  So, the students researched how to plant the seed and shared the tasks of prepping the seed for it's new home in a mason jar full of water.

For months we watched the seed, squealed over any new sign of life forming, and left the year with the hope for an avocado tree.

I changed the water in the jar, placed the seed in my kitchen windowsill and literally forgot about it.  Now, when I placed the seed jar in the window, there was already a root at the bottom and a little plant peeking through one of the cracks of the seed.  Imagine my surprise the other day to see that plant sitting tall in the air on a branch!  I just had to share it with you.

What new plant have you tried growing lately?


  1. How fantastic! Great lesson on nature for the kids too. I will remember this one if we move to FL. I believe the trees grow well there and we would love to have one! Of course growing from scratch would take a ridiculously long time to actually see fruit.

  2. Look at you! You've had better luck at sprouting one of those seeds than we did. It would be great to have one of those trees in our yard. We might have to give it a try again. : )

  3. We always did this school task with potatoes which are easier to grow, some people even use them as decoration in their kitchen. Nowadays I am trying to make my Portulacaria survive as it started losing leaves two weeks ago. Wish me luck!


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