Budget Friendly "Green" Decor

By no means do I have a true green thumb.  But that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the beauty that green plants provide.  Perusing through my local Lowe's Hardware store, I spoke with a sales clerk in the indoor plant section.  She showed me one of the plants in the Exotic Angel Plant line that she was marking down to $1.00.  After showing me, on her phone, these gorgeous orchids that she was able to care for, she directed me to these clearance priced orchid plants.  They were beautiful too, but I'm not ready for such a delicate plant.  Instead, I saw a dead plant in a pretty planter.  So, she marked it down to $2.00.  Needless to say, I spent $3.00 that day.  And I'm glad I did.

I removed a few dead pieces here and there, discarded a dead plant, wiped the smudge off of the new planter, and voila - I had a new plant friend to add to my home. 

I chose to place this plant on the helper shelf in the bathroom, and I love it beside my hand-painted gourd.

How do you decorate your home on a budget?  Do you use plants to fill in empty spaces in your home?

Happy Summer,


  1. Great deal! I used to have one of these angel plants and they grow amazing with just a little water. Perfect for those of us without the green thumb! I have been wanting to try orchids too but am skeptical. They like warmth and the house is cold in the winter trying to save on energy costs. :)

  2. I have got one plant in the house. A Maiden Hair Fern. I read somewhere that they are the "divas" of plants and its true. If its not watered everyday it will start turning brown. Such a baby. Just can't leave it alone. 4 years and going. It's the longest I've ever had one single plant.

  3. My green thumb comes and goes. Have yet to be successful indoors. I tried an orchid and it didn't last very long:( That crushed me because it was so beautiful and they are quite pricey. Good luck with Exoctic Angel. Perhaps the humidity in the bathroom will keep it happy and thriving.

  4. $1.00 for an orchid is really cheap! Maybe next time you'll have a budget friendly gift for a lucky friend of yours. ;-) I don't have a green thumb either. My plants only survive for a few weeks and then they're gone no matter what I do. Even cacti and succulents!


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