Summer Tablescape + $5 Goodwill Challenge {Summer Edition}

I consider my dining room "The Brown Hole." Why?  Because no matter which direction you look, all you see is brown.  Although I have plans (you know I do) of revamping this space, the truth is that this is a labor intensive project that is not top priority right now.  So, what I've decided to do instead is work around the brown with pops of color.

As we officially begin our summer months, I decided to add a little orange to my decor.  Two of my thrifted items went through a mini makeover process so that I could get some use out of them.

Here are a few photos of my dining area.

Everything (including the table and chairs) were bought on a discount or thrifted.
The white candle stand was a DIY thrifted project.
I made the faux boxwood ball wreath from Dollar Tree Items 
A few extra boxwood balls were placed in this ceramic server piece
Another DIY thrifted pitcher.  It used to be burnt orange.
A lovely bouquet of fresh flowers from Aldi's
Who says soup tureens are only for fall?
My Summer Tablescape!
And of course, a video!

So, how have you decorated your space for summer?


  1. Your dining area is so inviting Libby! I love what you did with those items. Paint is so amazing! I love that we can spray paint any material these days with quality paint and create whatever look we want. :)

  2. Very cheerful! I especially like the yellow pitcher/bowl. Hope you're having a happy summer.

  3. Lovely! Although the brown walls make this room look smaller and darker than it really is the colour accents you added suit them well. I can't believe everything in there was thrifted! ;-)

  4. I think you did a wonderful job with all those thrifted items. I'm always amazed at what you do with all your found items. : )

  5. Love your Goodwill challenge items. The candleholder cloche is beautiful. Also love your all white place settings because they can go with any color you decide. I can relate to your brown experience. I had a brown blue phase that went on far too long and I am ridding myself of my brown color schemes and accessories room by room. I am now gravitating toward grey, blues and whites. Paint has been my saviour. I have so much brownish upholstery fabrics, curtains etc. that I am in the process of selling hopefully to get a little return on my investment. I wish you luck reducing your brown footprint as well. LOL


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