Losing Loved Ones and Gaining Insight

When you have a large family, there are so many joys that manifest themselves quantitatively.  Lots of weddings, and babies, and more babies, and other life celebrations.  But then, you experience lots of losses as well.  Sometimes they come too close together to fully comprehend.  This weekend we laid to rest another one of our loved ones, one of my dad's oldest sisters.

It never ceases to amaze me of how much you can learn about a person after their life on this earth is over.  Sometimes it's during a eulogy or from remarks from family or friends that you can start putting the pieces together in your mind.

Have you ever met someone who has found their look, their style, their way and no matter how or when you see them, they are consistently the same?  That would have been my aunt.  She had a certain flare about her.  To call her classy would be an understatement.  Fine china at every meal.  Hot cereal for breakfast.  Tea, of course.  Impeccable taste.  A true lady.  Of all of my memories of my aunt, every detail that I recall points to her love for England, her proper ways (or "the British way"), and her immaculate presence.

This is a video I made in honor of my aunt once I found out about her passing:

Now that she's gone, I've discovered that she was a perfectionist.  Always had been.  She had always been very disciplined.  She spoke 3 languages, one of them being English (lol, but you know, the way it was meant to be spoken), the other two French and Spanish.  And there are so many other attributes that I could tell that I just recently learned.  Now that's she's gone, I wonder if her fascination with England was because her natural style, or way of being, fit better into that culture.  Some things we'll never know.  But, as I reflect, one lesson that stands out to me is how easy it is to misjudge one another.

As people, we are short-sighted.  We have a limited view of everything.  We make judgements based on our experiences and often the experiences of others, and from that we draw conclusions. Sometimes they're accurate and many times they are not.  I am so guilty!  However, I believe that there's only One whose omniscience allows for accurate judgements to be made without fail.  And that same One will help me to leave the judgements to Him.  Honestly, it's kind of exhausting!  :-)

"Strive not to compete with anyone; but set your goal for perfection.  That which we are, so it is said, we are in the eyes of others."  YH.

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  1. I'm sorry to read about your loss. From what you are telling us about her, your aunt must have been such an interesting lady. Your tribute is very sweet. :-)

  2. Beautiful tribute Libby. I am sorry to hear about your loss. It is so true that we find a lot out about people after they pass away. I completely understand your aunt's love of England. I have been twice and adored it. Besides the classy history and rituals I love that the people are fun and less uptight than the US culture. I have a huge soft spot for BBC shows because of this.

  3. Lovely! Rest In Heaven Aunt Yvonne!

  4. Beautiful Libby. Your Aunt sounds like she was a wonderful person to be around. Enjoy those memories of her. Love the middle name. : )


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