Hair Challenge Update - June 2016

Some time ago, I surely cannot remember the beginning point, a bloggy friend and I embarked upon yet another protective hair challenge.  For the life of me, I really can't remember how long the challenge was supposed to be.  6 months?  3 months?  Maybe that's because I also dedicated my life to trying to grow eyebrows with castor oil.  I know that one was a month.  Is the month up?  Ack.  Who knows!

So for those of you with memories better than mine at the moment, just know that I said I was going
to wear my hair in a protective style.  I said a bunch of other things too, but I'm pretty sure I didn't follow through on those.  I mean I can barely remember to take that Vitamin D that I obviously need. That's the thing with those I-need-to-be-refrigerated-after-opening liquid vitamins of sorts.  You just have to remember to look in the fridge.

Well, one thing I can say...I've been wearing my hair in a protective style for the bulk of 2016.  Right before Easter I got these extension twists.  I washed them.  I wore them.  I washed them.  I even finally made an appointment to have the edges redone so that the style could last longer.

My wash routine is the simplest I've had in my life!  Literally I squeeze some liquid black soap in a spray bottle, add some water to further dilute, spray and wash, then repeat.  I would follow up by spraying my hair and scalp with rosewater.  When that ran out, I started using the Jamaican Mango and Lime Anti-Itch Gro Spray.  Truth be told, I don't have itchy scalp issues when my hair is in individuals because I can wash it as I need to and it's pretty easy to get to the scalp.  On a good day, I might would even put some oil on my edges and in some places.  If I happened to be applying the JBCO to my eyebrows, then my hair edges would get some love too.

I hope my hair is growing.  I hope my hair is resilient.  What I do know is that my grays are back...and so are the two boxes of Shea Moisture Hair Color patiently awaiting their turn when I take these extensions out!  #life

p.s.  I stayed awake at the salon this time.  The stylist and I watched some good African movies.  One was from Ghana and the other from Nigeria.

Happy Hair,


  1. You are so cute! I love how you are always searching to makes things better and easier for yourself. Still loving the braids. : )

  2. Oh the trials and tribulations of your hair Libby! I love reading about it! I hope your hair is doing well too. :)

  3. This will be part two with the Shea Moisture, won't it?
    Ooh, Nollywood film? That's one way of staying awake. They used to frighten me (the 'baddies' practising juju') when I was younger, so there's no way I could sleep through one of those!


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