What Does the Future Hold?

About 99% 100% of the time I have no idea what's going on in my life.  Well, even when I think I know, I realize the truth is, I still am not sure.  I know God has a plan for me.  I believe that even when things don't seem to connect, it's highly probable that they actually connect even if it's somewhere down the line.  I'm hopeful that my dots will connect one day in a way that I can understand...even just a little bit.

I've been staying with my mom for a while and one day I came home from work and discovered that she had left a book for me on the bed.  A $0.50 thrift store find.  What does it mean?  Maybe nothing, but then again...it could be the start of something beautiful.  :-)

Happy Friday,


  1. Researching abroad sounds amazing! I bet you would love something like that! Life is wacky. I try to go with the flow these days. When I was younger I set all sorts of goals and reached them. However now I don't know exactly what our future will hold. We dream of relocating to another country so if an opportunity arises with Jim's job we may entertain something exciting like that.

  2. Does that mean you're thinking about travelling overseas? *wink wink*

  3. Even Northern Europe is showing signs of summer! *nudgewinknudge*

  4. Maybe Mom wants to go on a trip with you? Help with whatever research you "need" to do? It could be exciting! : )


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