The Battle of "Los Dientes"

It's no secret.  I have soft teeth.  So, what does this mean?  I don't know the medical description, but I can only tell you what my personal experiences have been - no matter how diligent I am with my teeth, I always get cavities or need some continual dental work.  Having had braces has added to the attack on my teeth because the molars that had the bands on them have not lasted.  So many fillings in the same teeth lead to root canals.  Failed root canals lead to extractions.  So goes my dental life.

Last year I lost a tooth and therefore had it extracted.  Fast forward to the present, by not choosing a partial replacement, a bridge, or an implant, the bone and gum caved in there and made the area not a candidate for an implant (after being advised by the endodontist after my last trip there to check on another tooth - ack!).  Then, I mentioned to the dentist a slight pain I was having off and on, only to have the x-rays reveal that yet another tooth (get this, that same molar on the opposite side of my mouth) that it was going to need to be extracted.  The root canal got skipped on this one because of having short roots.  Apparently having short roots means that a root canal is futile.

All of this just means a trip to an oral surgeon.  Someone to tackle just about all of the fixing up of my mouth.  I'll skip all the aches and pains along the way and get straight to the day I finally got some relief - April 28th!

On April 28th, I had oral surgery.  On one side, I had a tooth extracted and an implant installed.  On the opposite side, I had to get bone grafting to give the gums and bone a chance to regenerate so that in 3 months I can go back and have an implant installed there.

I was out of work for a couple of days, stayed in the bed for a few days after that, and tried to wrap up my semester in the process.  I'm feeling a lot better than I have in the past month or so but to survive, I ended up having to ask for an incomplete in one of my courses.  So here I am, desperately trying to finish up last week's work.

I can eat but it's awkward being that I'm missing a very important molar - times 2.  Ice cream, yogurt, and cinnamon applesauce have been my friends.  Yesterday I managed a couple of slices of pizza (I'd been dreaming about it for too long), but I'll be sure to follow up with a salt water rinse.  Hopefully at my follow up everything will be right on track.  A friend joked me that if a potential beau finds me that I should at least have as many teeth as possible (even though it will cost an arm and a leg).  lol

So that's it, my friends, for now.  If you know of any great natural remedies or treatments for soft teeth, please tell because all my coins are going to the dentist.  :-)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Here's to hoping all is fixed and corrected for good soon. I don't like going to the dentist. Maybe this is why.

  2. I'm glad you are healing well Libby! It sounds like quite an ordeal to have a new tooth installed. Dental work is crazy expensive. You can probably write it off on your taxes along with any medication included. I was able to do that with my eye surgery. It isn't much savings, but every bit helps!

  3. I hope you get well soon! I also hate going to the dentist and have many problems with my gums so I feel your pain. Don't worry about that potential beau: my mom suffered from soft teeth too and had to use upper and lower bridges in her early 20s but still managed to marry my dad despite that. ;-)

  4. Wow Libby, I hope by now your mouth is all healed. I never heard of soft teeth before. What an ordeal you are going through. I'm sure everyone has their own unique dental stories. I actually was born with too few teeth and retained two baby molars until I turned 40. There were no secondary teeth. I opted to replace them with fixed bridges. On top of that I had to extract some prior to braces to even things out. I'm a baby/hypochondriac when it comes to my teeth. I go like clockwork every 6 months and if I feel the slightest pain I'm booking an appointment. Hope the worst is behind you. Be well.


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