Memorial Day Weekend Recap {2016)

Hello lovelies!

First, I would like to take a moment to show gratitude for those who have dedicated their lives to serve our county.  It is because of their sacrifice that we set aside this day called Memorial Day.


For me, this weekend has been a bit of a mental vacation.  When's the last time you had a sleepover? I traveled to stay two days with one of my grad classmates and her kiddos.  It was such a wonderful time filled with chatting and laughing and doing our schoolwork and laughing and kids.  Oh yeah, and eating!

Bright and early on Saturday morning, I heard a whisper from the door, "Miss Libby, are you awake yet?"  That was the 5 year old boy child.  Later that morning, after breakfast, the girl child was like, "Miss Libby, can you braid my hair?"  So, I set forth to tackle the French braid, which I haven't done in such a long time on long, silkier textured hair.  I passed the braid test, so the day started off well.

My grad friend totally helped me satisfy that need for culture by taking me to an Indian buffet restaurant for lunch on Saturday.  Her kids and I literally inhaled everything on our plates.

Naan bread, Saag paneer, Tikka Masala, rice
We walked to a German bakery, but were too stuffed to purchase anything.  Then we went on post (the kiddos' dad is military) and let them play at the park and lake.  It was super quiet of course because of the Memorial Day weekend, but it was so relaxing.  Later, we stopped to an Asian Market
where I bought a new broom for outdoors.  Apparently it's a staple in any Asian person's home.  The next time I visit an Asian Market, I'll check to see if there is a Filipino broom for indoors.  My friend says they are the best.  I believe the one I bought for outdoors is a Vietnamese version.

Sunday and Monday we were anticipating company, but they canceled due to all the stormy weather we've been having so both days were stay-around-the-house days (after church of course).  I purchased some new herb plants and a couple of pepper plants for myself and four tomato plants of four different varieties for my mom.  She wants to try something new this year - growing a vegetable.  I was thinking of doing a container garden on my deck, but my heart was calling for me to fix my cinderblock raised bed garden area that has been left alone for too long.

After being on the phone with Apple off and on all day Monday, I decided to start my garden clean up process while I waited for the iMovie Library to my external hard drive.  (Believe it or not, my iMovie Library was almost 650 GB and I only had 14 GB of space remaining between iMovie's library and my regular files.  Thankfully that is fixed now.)  Anyhoo, I began removing the cinderblocks and becoming an all-around farm girl.

My goal really is to level the land and rearrange the beds.  Through the sweat and humidity, I managed to sort of finish Phase I of one small portion.  The rain ran me out of there and straight to
my car until it subsided enough to gather my materials.  Although I exercised more than I have in apparently 3 years, I felt great!  To be able to think of something beyond work and books and theory and writing (not blog writing - you know what I mean), it just felt great to do something that tapped into my other interests.  Seriously, Sunday night I dreamed about the shovel I was going to use for my garden beds.  Yep, it's that serious.

This is only 1/4 (maybe) of the space.  So much more to go.
Well, I hope I haven't bored you for too long with this lengthy post.  It's just been a long while and I had a lot to say.  :-)

p.s.  My orange day lilies are just starting to bloom.  Yay!

Until next time,


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend of fun and productivity! The sleepover must have been a blast with a balance of kids and adults. Now I want Indian food! Yum! That broom is so unique from ones I have seen. It looks like it lacks in bristles but I'm sure it works great. Nice work with your garden. Your hard work will pay off. Pretty day lilies. :) We need to plant some bulbs this fall and I would love some of those orange pretties.

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend with dear friends. It's always so sweet when those little voices stop by your door to check on you and make sure everything is okay. : ) And I can't wait to see how your garden looks when you are finished fixin' everything. : )


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