Bathroom Makeover Reveal

*** This post is picture heavy. ***

Yes, you read it correctly.  It's been a long time (it seems) since I began my bathroom renovation project.  There were some road bumps along the way, but I am thankful to have this project completed and paid for!  Woot Woot.

So let's recap.  I live in a 1960ish home with one bathroom.  Having one bathroom can be a challenge when guests are involved.  I used to have a footed tub (that I loved...before I had it).  I had to let it go because it was too difficult to keep the water inside the tub.  I was getting concerned that I would get water damage on the floor.  Also, the paint had begun peeling up and the original surface was beginning to rust.  All of that spells, "Nobody wants to shower or bathe in this."  Long story short, after days of removing that dated tile, the chicken wire and cement behind it, and almost starting over, I finally have a bathroom that I feel great about.

Normally I tackle my home improvement projects myself, but this was not one of them.  I was referred to a wonderful licensed plumber, electrician, jack-of-all-trades sort of man.  It took longer because he did all the work himself with the occasional help of an assistant, but because of that, the price was significantly lower than all my other bids.

Thankfully, I have a mother who lives around the corner, with two and a half full-functioning bathrooms.  :-)  Where were those bathrooms when I lived there?  lol

Although I didn't do this project, I did paint, tile the mirror, and decorate on a budget.  That should count for something, right?

Ok, pictures now.



And you know there is a video of the reveal.  

Sink, Bathtub, all tile, Shower rod - Lowes
Sink and bathtub fixtures - Habitat Restore ($70)
Faux wood blinds - Lowes
Toilet seat - Habitat Restore ($3)
Baskets - Dollar General ($4 each)
Bathroom mirror - Habitat Restore ($5)
Shelf above toilet - Habitat Restore ($4)
Trash can - Ross ($4)
Towel rack & Toilet tissue holder -
Shower curtain and liner - Tuesday Morning
Tiered Shower Caddy - TJ Maxx
Placemat (as liners in closet) - Family Dollar ($1 each)
White caddy on wheels (in closet) - Wal-Mart
Paint - Lowes

Thank you all for hanging around for quite a while.  Hopefully the next reveal won't take so long.  Stay tuned!


  1. I think it was time and money well spent. Beautiful job! I'm not sure what is my favorite. The fixtures, the tile work, the floor, paint color. Hard to choose. : )

  2. I love your bathroom. I know you are super happy with the changes and it was smart of you to hire out and stick to the things you were able to do. Great job!

  3. Awesome job Libby! Your bathroom is gorgeous! It is sad you had to get rid of an old claw foot tub but now you have a such a beautiful shower space. I love what you did with the mirror and it goes perfectly. Our bathroom walls are tiled like yours was and I'm not looking forward to removal if we decide to go that route! It seems like it takes a lot of patience. Love the plant!

    I laughed at your comment about you mom's bathrooms. We were a family of 5 with 1.5 bathrooms. It wasn't until after we were grown that our parents decided to renovate the 1/2 bath and add a shower. We really could have used that as teenagers!

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! Your bathroom looks awesome now! And may I say, tiny? No worries, mine is too. lol I always thought American houses had larger rooms by default —foreign prejudices. ;-)

    Normally kitchen & bathroom renovations need licensed professionals to take care of certain things that common people like us don't know how to handle (or are too dangerous). Of course despite that it counts as *your* project. Great job!

  5. Sweet friend, your bathroom looks incredible! I just love the beautiful transformation :)

    I hope you are well, dear Libby. I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages.

    Happy May day! Hugs!


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