Fresh Juice, Eco-Friendly All Purpose Cleaner, & More Eco-Friendly Ideas {For Less than $4}

Aldi's is one of my favorite stores.  I've have enjoyed buying produce there for quite some time, and as the times goes by, the store gets better and better.  Recently they had pineapples on sale for $0.99 and a bag of navel oranges for $2.49.  I had nothing in particular in mind, but I purchased them both.

Fast forward to most recently, I decided to blend my own juice.  I have an BLACK+DECKER Citrus Juicer and I used that to juice 3 of the navel oranges.  Then I used my Pampered Chef Pineapple Wedger Corer to remove the fruit from the core and the prickly skin.  With the help of my Nutribullet (since my regular blender has decided to give up the ghost), I blended the navel orange juice with the pineapple and created a super tasty juice.  Then I poured it all into a half gallon Mason Jar.

As the juice settles, it will become thick from the pineapple pulp.  I just drank it with a wide straw because I typically don't like pulp.  The next day, I juiced the remaining 3 navel oranges and added that to the juice to thin it out.  Just delicious!

View the short video below to see the making of the juice and other eco-friendly ideas for the fruit remains.  Truly a no-waste product.

Happy Juicing,

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

*** This post is picture heavy. ***

Yes, you read it correctly.  It's been a long time (it seems) since I began my bathroom renovation project.  There were some road bumps along the way, but I am thankful to have this project completed and paid for!  Woot Woot.

So let's recap.  I live in a 1960ish home with one bathroom.  Having one bathroom can be a challenge when guests are involved.  I used to have a footed tub (that I loved...before I had it).  I had to let it go because it was too difficult to keep the water inside the tub.  I was getting concerned that I would get water damage on the floor.  Also, the paint had begun peeling up and the original surface was beginning to rust.  All of that spells, "Nobody wants to shower or bathe in this."  Long story short, after days of removing that dated tile, the chicken wire and cement behind it, and almost starting over, I finally have a bathroom that I feel great about.

Normally I tackle my home improvement projects myself, but this was not one of them.  I was referred to a wonderful licensed plumber, electrician, jack-of-all-trades sort of man.  It took longer because he did all the work himself with the occasional help of an assistant, but because of that, the price was significantly lower than all my other bids.

Thankfully, I have a mother who lives around the corner, with two and a half full-functioning bathrooms.  :-)  Where were those bathrooms when I lived there?  lol

Although I didn't do this project, I did paint, tile the mirror, and decorate on a budget.  That should count for something, right?

Ok, pictures now.



And you know there is a video of the reveal.  

Sink, Bathtub, all tile, Shower rod - Lowes
Sink and bathtub fixtures - Habitat Restore ($70)
Faux wood blinds - Lowes
Toilet seat - Habitat Restore ($3)
Baskets - Dollar General ($4 each)
Bathroom mirror - Habitat Restore ($5)
Shelf above toilet - Habitat Restore ($4)
Trash can - Ross ($4)
Towel rack & Toilet tissue holder -
Shower curtain and liner - Tuesday Morning
Tiered Shower Caddy - TJ Maxx
Placemat (as liners in closet) - Family Dollar ($1 each)
White caddy on wheels (in closet) - Wal-Mart
Paint - Lowes

Thank you all for hanging around for quite a while.  Hopefully the next reveal won't take so long.  Stay tuned!

Easy Spring Decorating and Organizing on a Budget

This past week was Spring Break for most schools.  During this time, people are usually spring cleaning or vacationing.  Maybe even a bit of both.  Well for me, I've been knee-deep in graduate work.  But to give myself mental and physical breaks, I've been completing some small, yet meaningful projects around my home.  Besides the fact that I feel great about them, an even better consolation prize is that I completed them on a budget.  I want to share those projects with you just in case they might give you a bit of organization inspiration.

Project 1:  Shoe Organization

I took the time to purge my shoes.  When I placed them all out on my bedroom floor, it really seemed like I had the most shoes in the world.  Clearly, I don't, but spread out like that, it really seemed like an excessive amount.  I checked out each pair of shoes, got rid of duplicates and shoes that although they may be new, I never wear them.  Some I will donate, but I may try to sell a few of the new(new-like) pairs.  We shall see.

I purchased an under-the-bed shoe organizer from Family Dollar for $6.50.  It held 12 pairs of shoes.  In my closet, I already had an over-the-door organizer.  I told myself that I would not be allowed any pairs beyond those two organizers, besides my winter boots.  They have their own home.

I was pleased with the final arrangement.  The under-the-bed shoe organizer is easy to access, which was a concern.  For $6.50, I couldn't be more pleased!

Project 2:  New Window Treatments

In the most recent past, I've been working on my bedroom.  If you recall, I was drowning in a sea of shades of brown.  I love color and finally I decided on a theme that works for me.  (A reveal will be in the making soon enough.)  But one thing that was bothersome was that the mini blinds that I'd had installed for the past 10 years were disgusting and broken.  While on that same trip to Family Dollar, I discovered these adhesive paper shades.  What?!  I wanted to give them a try.  At $4 a piece, if they worked, I could essentially give my room an upgrade for $12.  It was worth the try.

I removed all of the initial mini blind hardware, cleaned my windows (of course), and cut the paper shades to the appropriate width for my windows.  Snip snip and it was done.  Removing the adhesive strip was easy peasy as was adhering the shades to my windows.  I know it won't be a permanent fixture, but I'm loving them for now.  And yes, they do filter light quite nicely.

Project 3:  Freezer Organization

The last project I completed over my spring break was to organize my freezer.  This time I used Dollar Tree items.  For $6 I was able to reorganize my entire freezer!  Yes, 4 white bins and 2 packs of chalkboard labels did the trick.

After getting rid of anything freezer burned, I sorted the remaining food into categories and labeled the bins with the appropriate titles.  And that was it!

So, these were the simple organization projects I completed during my break.  What about you?  How did you spend your break?

p.s.  I finally finished the bathroom too!  Bathroom reveal post coming soon....