You Can Have Wall Art

I believe in having art on the walls of your home.  Or at least my home.  One of my personal home decorating goals is to have one piece of black art in each room of my home.  Whatever the piece, it doesn't have to be the centerpiece of that space, but something that definitely contributes to the overall feel and of course, something that I really love.  You guessed it.  That takes a while.  And, that's ok.

What I believe is that, wall art comes in a variety of forms.  It can be a framed piece of fabric, a decorative notecard that you can't seem to mail, or a simple collection of family photos.

In my spare time, I've been working on a space in my home.  I literally get giddy just watching it unfold.  It continues to amaze me how your love for a color (even when you didn't initially realize it) reveals itself as you find or purchase items for a space.  It's like some type of magic.  Well, along one wall, I felt that I should have some framed art.  Something purposeful.  Something pretty.  Something colorful.  And something truly affordable.

These lime green frames have been tucked away for about a year.  Clearance finds at Michael's. Then the use of my teacher discount.  YASS!  Seriously, I think the frames were $2 each.  Maybe. Fast forward to the other day, I was looking through various Etsy sellers and finally to Pinterest to find printables for my space.  I finally stumbled upon this wonderful blog {French Press Mornings}. Free printables.  Woot Woot!  I found exactly what I was looking for...and (although you can't tell until I reveal my space), the colors are a perfect match.  Stoked!

Happy Decorating,


  1. Beautiful pieces and messages you have put together. I look forward to seeing the overall area when completed. :-)


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