When in doubt, put a wig on it! {Protective Style}

Well, my crochet hairdo didn't work out quite yet.  I was fighting sickness, but I finally had to go to the doctor.  Actually, my doctor never has openings when I need them (unless I make them months in advance - like when I'm not sick) so I went to urgent care.  Flu-like symptoms but no flu.  Some type of upper respiratory infection, so that means it's caused by a virus which can't be treated with antibiotics.  A crazy cough that wears you out and other flu-like stuff (but not the flu).  Anyhoo, I stayed home for 3 days.  (If you know me well, you know I don't stay home like that.)  The day of the dr visit was the day of my hair appointment.  Canceled.  Days 1 and 2 at home were a blur.  On Day 3 I finally started feeling more like myself, but I was in bed almost all day.  I will admit that I was in the same clothes for the entire 3 days, maybe 4. *cough, cough, sneeze* and repeat.

So what about my hair?  My squeaky clean hair was standing on top my head (to the stranger this could be quite scary, but to family and close friends it goes unnoticed).  I decided that I would have to do something before entering the workforce the next week.  You saw the title....when in doubt, put a wig on it!  So that's what I did.

I had planned to find a full wig, but my inexperience as a wig shopper and the limited natural looking wigs in my small city, meant that I could not find a full wig on short notice.

Therefore, I opted for a wiglet ponytail puff.  It looks just like my hair, but it's not.

My own puff is tucked neatly underneath.  Perhaps it will last me until a real appointment...or until I try my hand at wig-making (yes, I've already been thinking up a lovely design).

Happy Monday,


  1. Look at you! I would have never guessed you had a wig on. Looking fabulous!!!

  2. Great selection Libby! It looks great on you! I love the photo of the other wigs. Some are just wild and crazy.


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