The Hair and Me - Couples Therapy?

My hair and I are having some serious misunderstandings.  If there was some type of couples therapy for us, we would need to be signed up immediately.  Funny thing, we used to be so in sync.  I think it's me this time.  I'm pretty sure my products are just fine.  My habits are not.  Sadly, I just don't have the energy or time to devote to the upkeep as I should.

I started this protective style challenge with great hopes, but you know what?  I need a minute to be able to get a protective style!  Hopefully, this time tomorrow, I'll be rocking my first set of crochets. I don't want the braids or twists or a bushloads of hair.  I found this style that I really like and it has the invisible install method that is what I would prefer.  The hair I chose isn't the most expensive of hair, but we shall see.

In the meantime, I was forced to wash my hair.  I haven't washed my own hair in a hot minute.  How does one lose the ability to wash one's own hair?  Somewhere along the way, I did.  Sometimes product or product buildup will cling to my roots and hold on for dear life.  No matter what method I've tried, it's just so hard to get everything out. Just when I think everything is squeaky clean, I part a section and have to go back and wash or rinse, depending.  I wonder if it's because my hair is so thick.  But then I watch these videos and see ladies with my hair type, but locs running down their backs and I don't hear them saying this.  Hummm....

At any rate, I washed my hair.  First I used two conditioners to help detangle my hair pre-poo.  Then I washed my hair with liquid African black soap.  Instead of applying another conditioner (I was super short on time), I applied a leave in.  I parted my hair in sections, applied the leave in, Mizani's H20 Hair dress, and sealed with an oil blend.  I twisted those sections, placed on a gold thermal cap (purchased from the Dollar Tree), did a bunch of other necessary things, then I had to use my blow dryer because 1)It was night and I NEVER go to bed with wet hair and 2)I've been sick and am trying to get over this cold (go back to reason #1).  I just used the hair dryer (without any comb attachments) to blow over sections of hair that I later brushed a plaited.

I'm crossing my fingers that these snippets of hair are the result of the winter shed as well as not having combed it in a bit.  If not, oh well, what can I do, right?

In a perfect world, headwraps wouldn't be considered as "hats" in the workplace and people wouldn't assume that you've changed your religion or political stance because you wear them.  Otherwise, trust this, I would rock the headwrap more times than you know.  (Actually I did that in college, once for an entire year and a lot of assumptions were made.  I wore them anyways.)

p.s.  One day I painted an accent wall in my home.  Psst, it's behind me in this photo.  heehee

Until then,


  1. Your hair stories always keep me hooked. Mine is so different than yours that I can't imagine how much work it means to you or what are the right steps in your case. I just wash it and comb it, and that's all. The hairdresser cuts it for me every six months or so.

    Btw, I love when you wear headwraps! I find them so ethnic and so 'you' that I can't help thinking how beautiful you look in them. :-)

  2. The headwrap looks amazing on you! I can't imagine what it is like to have ethnic hair. The work sounds way too time consuming. Mine is so opposite. It is so fine and so straight!

  3. I feel for you Libby. I'm not sure I could handle putting so much work into my hair. Love the wrap though. Very pretty on you. : )

  4. I had no idea you go through all that with your hair type...good luck :)

  5. Oh the trials and tribulations of curly girls. It's a process, and everyone's process is unique. My protective style is a wig! Easy peasy. Never thought I would wear one, but when my hair is not cooperating or I need a break, on it goes. Good luck with the crochet do.

  6. Oo-la-la!! I love the scarf look. I'm at the point now where I'm trying out scarves...this one definitely looks great on you!


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