My First Homemade Wonton Soup!

Ever since I stumbled across Seonkyoung Longest's videos on Facebook.  That led me to find her on Youtube, which led me (you see the pattern here) to her Easy Wonton Soup.  As soon as I saw her video and read her blog post, I knew I had to make this soup.  Have you ever read a recipe and you could imagine all the flavors in your mind?  That's how I was feeling.  Plus, I think I mentioned I've been trying to recover from an upper respiratory infection, so this soup was welcome.

Finally, yesterday, I was able to try it.  First time buying ground pork. First time making any kind of wonton.  Besides the ground pork and the wonton wrappers (oh yeah and the green onions and cilantro), I had everything on hand.  I used rice vinegar in place of the wine because I couldn't find anything like that around here.

My verdict:  Absolutely delicious!  Oh. My. Goodness!  I'm seriously drinking the broth while I type. I know her original recipe said it was for 2 people, but if I go back for the second serving, would that be ok?

I can't wait to browse through more of Seonkyoung Longest's recipe videos.  There has to be more easy, tasty dishes like this one. nom nom nom

p.s.  I even clumsily ate with chopsticks.

p.s.s.  Now what should I do with this extra ground pork?  Ideas?

Bon Appetit,


  1. This looks delicious Libby even though I don't eat pork. You did an awesome job with the wrapping! You could always make a batch of soup with the leftover pork. Lots of veggies and broth is all you need!

  2. First, make more soup with the extra pork. I'm going to have to give that soup a try. It looks really yummy so I would have to make a huge batch so the others in the house can try it. : )

  3. This looks delicious! No idea what to do with the extra pork but I would surely repeat this one. yum yum

  4. That looks so good! I don't eat pork and you had me salivating. Chef Libby, you go girl!

  5. That looks so good, Libby!! Perfect for a chilly day like today. Maybe make tacos with the leftover ground pork?

  6. Your soup looks like it could be served in a restaurant. So professionally done and looks good! Hope you are doing well.


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