...and finally, a protective style!

For those of you who saw my post a couple of months ago, you know that I embarked upon a 6-month protective hair challenge.  With my schedule, protective styling is the way to go anyways, but for me, the greatest challenge is having enough time to devote to having that protective style installed.

Now if it's a wig or something, of course not, but I mean for a long-term style like extension braids or twists.  Those seem to work for me and my schedule, but it can take 6, 7, or even 8 hrs to install, depending on the stylist(s), the size of the braids or twists, and if any interruptions occur.  I refound a stylist that twisted my hair last year and thankfully, she had an appointment for the Thursday before Good Friday.  Even though I did get home around 1:30 a.m. (because my appointment was after work and I live in a different city from my work and this appointment), I was ready to give up that time rather than having to interrupt my spring break to sit somewhere for that long.

We caught up on everything in the world.  You know, that's what you do when you get your hair done.  I started falling asleep on the second twist, and the stylist was like, "Hey, it's too early for that!"  LOL  Trust me, I was already sleepy before I came.

Anyhoo, the stylist gave me tips on preserving my edges and I couldn't be more pleased with my protective style.  If all goes well, it will last me until it's time to send the kiddos home for the summer.  And that, ladies and gentlemen (if there are any gentlemen reading this post), is why I particularly enjoy this style.  I opted for a sleeker hair because the kinkier hair is more like mine and I often have trouble separating the two when I wear it for that long.

I have to keep my hair moisturized, so I'm using my trusty spray bottle and mixing in rosewater and vegetable glycerin.  It's a true spray and go situation.  Love it and the rose petals smell so refreshing!

Until then!

p.s.  If you noticed, I've changed my comment moderation system because of so much spam.  I'm a bit protective of my space.  You know what I mean.  :-)

Later gaters and Happy Easter!

My First Homemade Wonton Soup!

Ever since I stumbled across Seonkyoung Longest's videos on Facebook.  That led me to find her on Youtube, which led me (you see the pattern here) to her Easy Wonton Soup.  As soon as I saw her video and read her blog post, I knew I had to make this soup.  Have you ever read a recipe and you could imagine all the flavors in your mind?  That's how I was feeling.  Plus, I think I mentioned I've been trying to recover from an upper respiratory infection, so this soup was welcome.

Finally, yesterday, I was able to try it.  First time buying ground pork. First time making any kind of wonton.  Besides the ground pork and the wonton wrappers (oh yeah and the green onions and cilantro), I had everything on hand.  I used rice vinegar in place of the wine because I couldn't find anything like that around here.

My verdict:  Absolutely delicious!  Oh. My. Goodness!  I'm seriously drinking the broth while I type. I know her original recipe said it was for 2 people, but if I go back for the second serving, would that be ok?

I can't wait to browse through more of Seonkyoung Longest's recipe videos.  There has to be more easy, tasty dishes like this one. nom nom nom

p.s.  I even clumsily ate with chopsticks.

p.s.s.  Now what should I do with this extra ground pork?  Ideas?

Bon Appetit,

You Can Have Wall Art

I believe in having art on the walls of your home.  Or at least my home.  One of my personal home decorating goals is to have one piece of black art in each room of my home.  Whatever the piece, it doesn't have to be the centerpiece of that space, but something that definitely contributes to the overall feel and of course, something that I really love.  You guessed it.  That takes a while.  And, that's ok.

What I believe is that, wall art comes in a variety of forms.  It can be a framed piece of fabric, a decorative notecard that you can't seem to mail, or a simple collection of family photos.

In my spare time, I've been working on a space in my home.  I literally get giddy just watching it unfold.  It continues to amaze me how your love for a color (even when you didn't initially realize it) reveals itself as you find or purchase items for a space.  It's like some type of magic.  Well, along one wall, I felt that I should have some framed art.  Something purposeful.  Something pretty.  Something colorful.  And something truly affordable.

These lime green frames have been tucked away for about a year.  Clearance finds at Michael's. Then the use of my teacher discount.  YASS!  Seriously, I think the frames were $2 each.  Maybe. Fast forward to the other day, I was looking through various Etsy sellers and finally to Pinterest to find printables for my space.  I finally stumbled upon this wonderful blog {French Press Mornings}. Free printables.  Woot Woot!  I found exactly what I was looking for...and (although you can't tell until I reveal my space), the colors are a perfect match.  Stoked!

Happy Decorating,

When in doubt, put a wig on it! {Protective Style}

Well, my crochet hairdo didn't work out quite yet.  I was fighting sickness, but I finally had to go to the doctor.  Actually, my doctor never has openings when I need them (unless I make them months in advance - like when I'm not sick) so I went to urgent care.  Flu-like symptoms but no flu.  Some type of upper respiratory infection, so that means it's caused by a virus which can't be treated with antibiotics.  A crazy cough that wears you out and other flu-like stuff (but not the flu).  Anyhoo, I stayed home for 3 days.  (If you know me well, you know I don't stay home like that.)  The day of the dr visit was the day of my hair appointment.  Canceled.  Days 1 and 2 at home were a blur.  On Day 3 I finally started feeling more like myself, but I was in bed almost all day.  I will admit that I was in the same clothes for the entire 3 days, maybe 4. *cough, cough, sneeze* and repeat.

So what about my hair?  My squeaky clean hair was standing on top my head (to the stranger this could be quite scary, but to family and close friends it goes unnoticed).  I decided that I would have to do something before entering the workforce the next week.  You saw the title....when in doubt, put a wig on it!  So that's what I did.

I had planned to find a full wig, but my inexperience as a wig shopper and the limited natural looking wigs in my small city, meant that I could not find a full wig on short notice.

Therefore, I opted for a wiglet ponytail puff.  It looks just like my hair, but it's not.

My own puff is tucked neatly underneath.  Perhaps it will last me until a real appointment...or until I try my hand at wig-making (yes, I've already been thinking up a lovely design).

Happy Monday,

I've Opened up an aShop!

Hi everyone,

I've gone and done something again!  Just yesterday I decided that I finally wanted to open an Amazon store.

Here's my truth:
I live in a small city and to get many of the products that I love, it would require me to travel to a larger city.  The cool thing about where I live is that within 2 hours drive I can get to most large cities in my state and the state on our southern border.  But the reality is, I often don't have time for that.  If you follow me on Youtube, you'll see that whenever I'm in a larger city, I always come back with major hauls.  Lately, I haven't had the opportunity for even that.  So, more than ever, I've been relying on Amazon.com to bridge the gap.

When I look back, I realize that I have been purchasing items from Amazon ever since 1998!  It was this book right here that marked my love for Amazon.com.  Why did I feel the need to purchase that book my final year in college?  Only God knows. :-)  But ever since, Amazon has been there for me.

I decided to open an Amazon Shop (ashop) because I also wanted to share with you the products that I truly enjoy.  Maybe your situation is a bit like mine or maybe you just don't like shopping from store to store.  So far, the only items I have placed in my shop are ones that I have personally used and enjoyed.  And that's how I intend on keeping it.  Should something change, I'll be sure to let you know.

Although I will receive a small compensation for items purchased through my store, the wonderful thing is that the price of the item is not marked up to allow me to do this.  I'm not certain how the rest of this process works, but I'm leaving a link to my new shop as well as a "Shop" tab in my blog menu.  If you click there, you will be able to see what items I've placed in my shop without having to leave my blog.

Thank you for your support!


The Hair and Me - Couples Therapy?

My hair and I are having some serious misunderstandings.  If there was some type of couples therapy for us, we would need to be signed up immediately.  Funny thing, we used to be so in sync.  I think it's me this time.  I'm pretty sure my products are just fine.  My habits are not.  Sadly, I just don't have the energy or time to devote to the upkeep as I should.

I started this protective style challenge with great hopes, but you know what?  I need a minute to be able to get a protective style!  Hopefully, this time tomorrow, I'll be rocking my first set of crochets. I don't want the braids or twists or a bushloads of hair.  I found this style that I really like and it has the invisible install method that is what I would prefer.  The hair I chose isn't the most expensive of hair, but we shall see.

In the meantime, I was forced to wash my hair.  I haven't washed my own hair in a hot minute.  How does one lose the ability to wash one's own hair?  Somewhere along the way, I did.  Sometimes product or product buildup will cling to my roots and hold on for dear life.  No matter what method I've tried, it's just so hard to get everything out. Just when I think everything is squeaky clean, I part a section and have to go back and wash or rinse, depending.  I wonder if it's because my hair is so thick.  But then I watch these videos and see ladies with my hair type, but locs running down their backs and I don't hear them saying this.  Hummm....

At any rate, I washed my hair.  First I used two conditioners to help detangle my hair pre-poo.  Then I washed my hair with liquid African black soap.  Instead of applying another conditioner (I was super short on time), I applied a leave in.  I parted my hair in sections, applied the leave in, Mizani's H20 Hair dress, and sealed with an oil blend.  I twisted those sections, placed on a gold thermal cap (purchased from the Dollar Tree), did a bunch of other necessary things, then I had to use my blow dryer because 1)It was night and I NEVER go to bed with wet hair and 2)I've been sick and am trying to get over this cold (go back to reason #1).  I just used the hair dryer (without any comb attachments) to blow over sections of hair that I later brushed a plaited.

I'm crossing my fingers that these snippets of hair are the result of the winter shed as well as not having combed it in a bit.  If not, oh well, what can I do, right?

In a perfect world, headwraps wouldn't be considered as "hats" in the workplace and people wouldn't assume that you've changed your religion or political stance because you wear them.  Otherwise, trust this, I would rock the headwrap more times than you know.  (Actually I did that in college, once for an entire year and a lot of assumptions were made.  I wore them anyways.)

p.s.  One day I painted an accent wall in my home.  Psst, it's behind me in this photo.  heehee

Until then,