This message is in response to the requests for the African rugs...At present, I have sent responses to all inquiries via Facebook, my business website, Youtube, and email (with the exception of one person whose email address was improper).  I'm placing this notice on my blog as well in the event that my new followers have joined this site in the hopes of purchasing one of the beautiful creations.

Hello Readers,

I have been receiving numerous requests concerning these beautiful African rugs.  Thanks to one of the viewers, I was able to see how my site was linked to these images.  Apparently, the man who posted the images of the African rugs also linked back to my site.  However, I am not the artist behind these rugs and I do not have any connection to the man who posted my information or the rug photos.  I have tried contacting him but have received no response.

Thankfully, a viewer has found the business that makes these rugs.  I’m inserting the link in case you are still interested in purchasing these items.  I’m sure the owner would love your business.

Thank you for understanding,


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