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So today there was no school.

We heard that there might be some wintery mix going on this week and that resulted in a 2-hr delay. I packed my belongings and moved on in with my mom.  Around 6 this morning, we got the call that school was indeed closed for the day.

For those of you who live in those super wintery states that are prepared for the least bit of precipitation, I know you're probably laughing at us, but we don't have that kind of equipment because let's face it, the equipment is mega expensive and we don't have inclement weather to justify the cost. That's what I've been told ever since childhood.  I guess it's true.  Did I fret that I had to stay in today?  Not at all.  I know how to stay indoors and be just fine.  I barely even have the urge to get up and look out the front door.  Haha

Truth-be-told, this is what snow days are like for many teachers.  I love this parody, and I'm sure this teacher can have a backup career should she choose it.  If you're an Adele fan, you can dig this.  :-)

So, at my mom's I've been resting, reading, working on work stuff, and eating some yummy food mom has been cooking.  You know those of you who are moms cook up everything when a storm is coming....pinto beans, baked chicken, baked pork chops, and mini sweet potato pies.  I declare.

I for one have been enjoying some delicious cups of tea.  Because of the mad rush, I gathered a waning bag of Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea, but didn't grab my tea strainer.  No worries.  I rigged up a makeshift tea strainer using a coffee filter and a pot lid.  And that was one delicious cup of tea, I must admit.  I even did it again a couple of hours later.

I'm snuggling up underneath this 1972 granny square throw, reading a book for class while the power is still on....

For those of you who are experiencing winter storms, please be safe.

Until next time,


  1. In my hometown it barely rains and it's the same when we have some scarce drops after three months of drought. "Don't go out! Careful, it's raining!" haha. People from other regions look at us in disbelief.

    It's good to stay at home, grab a blanket and snuggle up on the sofa for a change. Stay warm indoors!

  2. Looks like you're making the most of being snowed in! Your mom made so many delicious meals to carry you through. So sweet of her. Stay safe and warm!!!

  3. Big round of applause for Mom during a storm. With all that yummy food, her house would be a no brainer choice to be at. Stay warm!!!

  4. I hope everything is back to normal for you guys down there! Somehow the storm missed northeast MA. Not even a dusting of the white stuff! I'm glad you made an enjoyable time being snowed it. I'm sure your mom spoiled you. :) Great idea for a tea strainer.

  5. Ah, a snow day! Glad you enjoyed it. My family got hit too, in Tennessee. We were spared up here in northern Illinois.


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