Happy New Year! {2016}

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I think it's pretty safe to say that everyone around the world has officially welcomed the new year.  I also think it's pretty safe to say that 2015 was a whirlwind of a year!

Let's recount:

  • Ending my TOY status
  • My middle school being closed
  • Graduate classes from January to December (somehow I didn't realize what it would feel like to continue straight through the summer, which is the expectation)
  • My first international experience - an internship in Belize (and yes, I'd love to go back)
  • A new job at an elementary school
It's by the grace of God that I have endured.  I have received so much support from the people around me and the best cohort group of students I've ever worked with!  Those ladies are amazing.  When one of us is about to have a moment, someone scoots right in with a pep talk.

My winter has now become my summer because it's the only break I get where I'm off work and out of school simultaneously.  Last year this time, my body crashed and I was sick for like 2 months off and on, then everything started up again.  This year, thank God, after some days of sleep I had this energy those rose up within me and I started tackling all these house projects.

Yes, I started cleaning and purging like a mad woman.  Donations.  Trashed items.  Giveaways.  You name it.  Then, I did something I've never done before, I hired Merry Maids to come behind me and deep clean.  They cleaned the carpets, wiped all the windows and blinds, cleaned all the rooms, mopped the floors.  The house smelled like cinnamon.  That was my Christmas gift to myself.  In a perfect world, all of my spaces would have been cleaned, but I do have one rather junky "family room" that is a work in progress, but at least it's contained in there.

I started executing my bedroom makeover project.  And guess what?  I finally found some curtains!  Now all is right with the world.  I've been curtainless in that room since I bought the house.  I also bought a quart of paint.  (You'll have to wait for that.)  Also, another project is in the making.  I'm just hoping that most of it can get done before graduate classes begin, since work starts today!

I'm hopeful for 2016.  Although our year has already begun with sadness, as my daddy's sister passed away on January 2, but at least now she is no longer suffering.  She hosted a big Christmas Eve dinner, instead of her usual New Year's dinner, which we were able to attend.  So, maybe she knew her time was drawing nigh.

I do hope you all are doing well, have gotten some rest, and are looking forward to a wonderful 2016.  Thank you so much for following and/or reading my blog, being patient when I cannot post as regularly as I used to, and just for being the amazing blog community that you are.

Awwwww, shucks!

Happy New Year,


  1. How fun! Did you post about your experience in Belize? If you did I must have missed it!!! (send me a link). Happy new year Libby - may 2016 bring you much happiness and prosperity! xo

  2. Happy New Year Libby! What a busy, but awesome year you had! Great Christmas gift to yourself hiring Merry Maids. I am sad to hear your aunt passed away. It is always a relief though to see someone put out of their suffering.

  3. Hi lovely lady and Happy New Year to you :) Ye, IW ould have to agree that 2015 was a whirlwind of a year :) You sounded quite busy, my friend. And you went to Belize?! Wow, have I been out of the loop!

    You are such a joy, Libby, and it will be a delight to follow you and your blog this year. Love and hugs!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt.

    Good luck with the projects. I am painting my dining room this week. The family room is next. Hiring Merry Maids sounds like a well-deserved luxury. Great idea.

  5. Here's to another year full of great possibilities for you Libby! You are a go getter and you will make it all work. : )

    So sorry to hear about your aunt. Hugs to you and your family.


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