2016 Protective Style Challenge

It's been quite a few years since I participated in a hair challenge of any sort.  It's not that I don't have hair goals....I just think my focus has shifted from, "ooh, I want long, thick locs" to "oooh, I just don't want my hair to fall out or look like a hot mess".  I'm just keeping it real.

I did enjoy my past hair challenges (here and here) and I'd like to thank my dear blogger buddy all the way in the UK for letting me know about this current challenge hosted by Fiona of Love Your Tresses.  Let's face it, these type challenges help me get a little more disciplined.  Plus I sort of feel accountable to others.  :-)

These are the following rules that she posted on her blog:

  • Rule 1 – Take a before photo (See below.  You know I just trimmed my ends.)
  • Rule 2 – Be nutrition focused (up your fruit & veg intake) (trying really hard to use my Nutribullet.  I have fruits and veggies in the freezer for this)
  • Rule 3 – Take Vitamins/Supplements (optional) (Not optional for me.  The Dr. ordered me to take 5000 iu of Vitamin D3.  I'm currently taking this one, but have just received this one in the mail.  You know I can't swallow pills.  Ugh!)
  • Rule 4 – Increase your H2O drinking game (Adding the water sticker to my Erin Condren planner)
  • Rule 5 – Choose a long or short-term protective style (two strand twists until I opt for crochet braids [first time for those])
  • Rule 6 – Wash and deep condition your hair at best 2x a month and at the very least once a month (not a problem)
  • Rule 7 – Moisturise your strands (This is what I need to remember; I'm currently walking around with a spray bottle of rose water in my work bag.  #notashamed)
  • Rule 8 – No heat tools + reduced use of tools in general + finger detangling (ummm.  I don't even own a working blow dryer w/comb anymore.  Not sure if finger detangling is for my 4c strands.  Whooo Lawd!)
  • Rule 9 – Baggy & add Peppermint essential oil to your scalp lotion/oil (optional) (I'll figure out what this is...but I love my essential oils.  If this is the same as the LOC method, this is what I'd love to try...the way the method is intended.)
  • Rule 10 – Be patient & take photos!  (Patience is a virtue.)

Soooo, where do I fit in?

After having those last twists in for quite some time, I was so glad just to feel me own hair for a while.  But now that it's out, I realize that it needs even more moisture than I even remembered (hello winter routine) and although I don't want to see it go so soon, it's time for a protective style.  I see my days getting rather full.


Today was a mini wash day.  (That's when I go to WalMart salon and have them wash it for $6.)  So they washed it, I helped plait it into 7 or 8 sections.  I sat under a dryer for a little while, not to get my hair completely dry, but to close my pores - I mean, it was sleeting outside.  When I got home, after a power nap, I attempted the LOC method, but my hair doesn't like cream at the end.  Either I need to try a different cream OR my hair likes the CLO method. heehee

This is what I have.  Write this down.  It might be on a test....  :-)

...and these are my current products

Wish me well,


  1. Elisabeth!!! I am so glad you're joining in, your hair is all kinds of beautiful!!!! Super excited to see your progress and trust that gorgeous thick hair will love the extra tlc! xxx

    1. Thank you for having me! I look forward to this hair challenge. :-)

  2. Go Libby for wanting healthy hair. I'm actually in the same place with my hair. I just want it to be healthy (meaning...not thinning, no split ends, etc.)!! I'm actually coming out of two protective styles and I think the style I choose might be a little too much for my hair. I'm going focus on the root of the problem (literally). However, I'll definitely be watching your hair challenge!!

  3. Wooh-hoo! Challenge chums!
    I am envious of both your thickness and your ability to walk in somewhere and get someone else to wash your hair.
    Here's to self-care! ...and a little bit more moisture on both our parts, since that's where I struggle too!


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