Our Weather Status

So today there was no school.

We heard that there might be some wintery mix going on this week and that resulted in a 2-hr delay. I packed my belongings and moved on in with my mom.  Around 6 this morning, we got the call that school was indeed closed for the day.

For those of you who live in those super wintery states that are prepared for the least bit of precipitation, I know you're probably laughing at us, but we don't have that kind of equipment because let's face it, the equipment is mega expensive and we don't have inclement weather to justify the cost. That's what I've been told ever since childhood.  I guess it's true.  Did I fret that I had to stay in today?  Not at all.  I know how to stay indoors and be just fine.  I barely even have the urge to get up and look out the front door.  Haha

Truth-be-told, this is what snow days are like for many teachers.  I love this parody, and I'm sure this teacher can have a backup career should she choose it.  If you're an Adele fan, you can dig this.  :-)

So, at my mom's I've been resting, reading, working on work stuff, and eating some yummy food mom has been cooking.  You know those of you who are moms cook up everything when a storm is coming....pinto beans, baked chicken, baked pork chops, and mini sweet potato pies.  I declare.

I for one have been enjoying some delicious cups of tea.  Because of the mad rush, I gathered a waning bag of Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea, but didn't grab my tea strainer.  No worries.  I rigged up a makeshift tea strainer using a coffee filter and a pot lid.  And that was one delicious cup of tea, I must admit.  I even did it again a couple of hours later.

I'm snuggling up underneath this 1972 granny square throw, reading a book for class while the power is still on....

For those of you who are experiencing winter storms, please be safe.

Until next time,

2016 Protective Style Challenge

It's been quite a few years since I participated in a hair challenge of any sort.  It's not that I don't have hair goals....I just think my focus has shifted from, "ooh, I want long, thick locs" to "oooh, I just don't want my hair to fall out or look like a hot mess".  I'm just keeping it real.

I did enjoy my past hair challenges (here and here) and I'd like to thank my dear blogger buddy all the way in the UK for letting me know about this current challenge hosted by Fiona of Love Your Tresses.  Let's face it, these type challenges help me get a little more disciplined.  Plus I sort of feel accountable to others.  :-)

These are the following rules that she posted on her blog:

  • Rule 1 – Take a before photo (See below.  You know I just trimmed my ends.)
  • Rule 2 – Be nutrition focused (up your fruit & veg intake) (trying really hard to use my Nutribullet.  I have fruits and veggies in the freezer for this)
  • Rule 3 – Take Vitamins/Supplements (optional) (Not optional for me.  The Dr. ordered me to take 5000 iu of Vitamin D3.  I'm currently taking this one, but have just received this one in the mail.  You know I can't swallow pills.  Ugh!)
  • Rule 4 – Increase your H2O drinking game (Adding the water sticker to my Erin Condren planner)
  • Rule 5 – Choose a long or short-term protective style (two strand twists until I opt for crochet braids [first time for those])
  • Rule 6 – Wash and deep condition your hair at best 2x a month and at the very least once a month (not a problem)
  • Rule 7 – Moisturise your strands (This is what I need to remember; I'm currently walking around with a spray bottle of rose water in my work bag.  #notashamed)
  • Rule 8 – No heat tools + reduced use of tools in general + finger detangling (ummm.  I don't even own a working blow dryer w/comb anymore.  Not sure if finger detangling is for my 4c strands.  Whooo Lawd!)
  • Rule 9 – Baggy & add Peppermint essential oil to your scalp lotion/oil (optional) (I'll figure out what this is...but I love my essential oils.  If this is the same as the LOC method, this is what I'd love to try...the way the method is intended.)
  • Rule 10 – Be patient & take photos!  (Patience is a virtue.)

Soooo, where do I fit in?

After having those last twists in for quite some time, I was so glad just to feel me own hair for a while.  But now that it's out, I realize that it needs even more moisture than I even remembered (hello winter routine) and although I don't want to see it go so soon, it's time for a protective style.  I see my days getting rather full.


Today was a mini wash day.  (That's when I go to WalMart salon and have them wash it for $6.)  So they washed it, I helped plait it into 7 or 8 sections.  I sat under a dryer for a little while, not to get my hair completely dry, but to close my pores - I mean, it was sleeting outside.  When I got home, after a power nap, I attempted the LOC method, but my hair doesn't like cream at the end.  Either I need to try a different cream OR my hair likes the CLO method. heehee

This is what I have.  Write this down.  It might be on a test....  :-)

...and these are my current products

Wish me well,

Just Because....

La juventud se lleva dentro
¿Existe una edad para dejar de bailar? Esta jovencita demuestra que los años son cuestión de actitud
Posted by Antena 3 on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy Friday everyone!

New Year, New Color

If you've been following this blog awhile, you know I've spent some time dabbling into natural hair products, DIY products, and such.  Even when finding ways to accentuate my increasing amounts of gray hair, I even resorted to plant based options (i.e. henna and indigo).

I never thought I would actually dye my hair, let alone allow a friend to dye my hair, but I did.  And so far I have survived!  And most importantly, my hair has survived.

After watching several Youtube videos, I finally decided to try the Shea Moisture hair color kit.  I've been a fan of Shea Moisture products for a while because they're sulfate free, paraben free, use organic products, and support fair trade.  And, they're affordable.  So, yay!  So back to the hair color kit.  The kits sell for $14.99, but when I called Sally Beauty in my area to see if they even sold these kits, they happened to have two kits on clearance in jet black.  What!  They were marked down to $5.24 each.  They held them for me, and the rest was history.

Happy New Year! {2016}

{Image Source}
I think it's pretty safe to say that everyone around the world has officially welcomed the new year.  I also think it's pretty safe to say that 2015 was a whirlwind of a year!

Let's recount:

  • Ending my TOY status
  • My middle school being closed
  • Graduate classes from January to December (somehow I didn't realize what it would feel like to continue straight through the summer, which is the expectation)
  • My first international experience - an internship in Belize (and yes, I'd love to go back)
  • A new job at an elementary school
It's by the grace of God that I have endured.  I have received so much support from the people around me and the best cohort group of students I've ever worked with!  Those ladies are amazing.  When one of us is about to have a moment, someone scoots right in with a pep talk.

My winter has now become my summer because it's the only break I get where I'm off work and out of school simultaneously.  Last year this time, my body crashed and I was sick for like 2 months off and on, then everything started up again.  This year, thank God, after some days of sleep I had this energy those rose up within me and I started tackling all these house projects.

Yes, I started cleaning and purging like a mad woman.  Donations.  Trashed items.  Giveaways.  You name it.  Then, I did something I've never done before, I hired Merry Maids to come behind me and deep clean.  They cleaned the carpets, wiped all the windows and blinds, cleaned all the rooms, mopped the floors.  The house smelled like cinnamon.  That was my Christmas gift to myself.  In a perfect world, all of my spaces would have been cleaned, but I do have one rather junky "family room" that is a work in progress, but at least it's contained in there.

I started executing my bedroom makeover project.  And guess what?  I finally found some curtains!  Now all is right with the world.  I've been curtainless in that room since I bought the house.  I also bought a quart of paint.  (You'll have to wait for that.)  Also, another project is in the making.  I'm just hoping that most of it can get done before graduate classes begin, since work starts today!

I'm hopeful for 2016.  Although our year has already begun with sadness, as my daddy's sister passed away on January 2, but at least now she is no longer suffering.  She hosted a big Christmas Eve dinner, instead of her usual New Year's dinner, which we were able to attend.  So, maybe she knew her time was drawing nigh.

I do hope you all are doing well, have gotten some rest, and are looking forward to a wonderful 2016.  Thank you so much for following and/or reading my blog, being patient when I cannot post as regularly as I used to, and just for being the amazing blog community that you are.

Awwwww, shucks!

Happy New Year,