Organizing the Kitchen Décor {Guest Post}

Organizing the Kitchen Décor

A messy kitchen is no place for a cook. If you pride yourself one, but you do, in fact, have a messy kitchen, then you should definitely either rethink your title as a cook, or do something about the chaos. Organizing the kitchen is much simpler than it may seem at first, so do not get daunted by the perspective of entering that den of havoc and starting to put an order to things. Nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it, and this applies at the very least to kitchen cleaning. Here is some advice on how you can achieve the best results.

Taking out the rubbish would be the thing to start with. There must be plenty of things you do not need in the kitchen. Work on getting rid of them. Make use of big plastic waste bags, pile inside everything you do not need, then take it to the trash or recycle bin. Now focus on the things you do not need, but are not willing to throw away. De-cluttering is the key to a clean and organized kitchen, so think hard about what you actually want to keep here. Is that old pan you never used really necessary? How about that frying pot you see once in a blue moon, should it take space in the cabinet when you can use that space for something more useful? Make a pile of the things you have no use for and remove them from your kitchen. Surely you have a special place in your basement, cellar or attic for something like that.

Now continue with some cleaning. Clearing up the kitchen is not as hard as home cleaning, so instead
of moaning, you could have already gathered the mop, sponge, cloths, and cleaning products you need. Start using them and go top to bottom – you do not want to redo all the floor or carpet cleaning you did just because you decided to push all the dust and dirt from your counters and shelves on the clean ground. Go wild with the cloths – preferably microfiber ones, as they are proven to be among the best cleaning tools nowadays – and scrub away to a spotless kitchen. And do not forget about oven cleaning – you do not want your future meals to smell of all the grease accumulated there, right?

Once done scrubbing and rinsing, focus on placing everything back in the cabinets and shelves in an order that will not impede your finding anything you need in the future. A good idea would be to free up even more space with some space savers like racks, shelves, and stands for pans, pots, spices, and herbs. Now you can place essential things in the cabinets and drawers and will not have to worry about not having any space for them.

If you need to, redecorate the kitchen by moving things around – nothing too complex, whatever suits your needs when cooking. And after that, the organizing is complete. That was not that hard, was it?

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  1. Great ideas for keeping the kitchen orderly! It is not easy since I think many of us tend to collect more gadgets as the years go on. :)


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