Monday's Feature: Tina C. Williams, Author & Poet

Meet Tina C. Williams, Author and Poet.

AE:  Who are you and what is it that you do/make?    
TW:  I am Tina Clarice Williams.  I am an entrepreneur, an attorney, a cybersecurity professional, and now a published author!  I grew up as a military brat and have enjoyed living in and visiting many countries and observing many cultures.  I have been an avid reader since I was a toddler, and love playing sports, especially soccer!  I currently reside in Maryland.

AE:  How did you get started/What is the motivation behind your work?  
TW:  The story of why I started writing poetry is rather amusing to me, and ironic.  As I was writing poems to capture my authentic feelings, I was doing so to make it look like I was taking copious notes in class!  My rationale was that writing poetry to stay awake was better than the alternative: dozing off!  And so, here we are!

This book contains a compilation of poems I have written over the course of approximately 16 years.  I went through my journals, emails, scratchpads, napkins, and notebooks to find these poems, and then selected those with which I would actually proceed.  This process mirrors the process of my life so far; not everything is meant to make it to the final product, but all pieces are a part of the process.

Most of these poems were written to be spoken – spoken word – so as you read, perhaps read aloud, allowing yourself to hear the passion and the conviction in your own voice.  I hope you are inspired!

AE:  Where can we find your work? 
TW:  L.I.F.E. is currently available as a pre-order release: 


If you know me by now, you know I love supporting budding entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Check out Tina's work.  Go ahead.  Be inspired!

Peace & Love,

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  1. Poetry is such an amazing art! I will have to check into her poetry.


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