Back to School!

Hello all!  It's Back to School time.  I know some do not return to school until after Labor Day, but for the rest of us on a traditional calendar, school is already in session.

I know I've been missing for a while, but if you recall, I mentioned that my middle school closed and I was relocated to an elementary school.  With that being said, I had to start over.  After I returned from Belize, I immediately had to return to work (off the clock).  Unfortunately, those two days I had, I was not feeling well and so I accomplished nothing.  The first Teacher Workday was on the following Monday and Open House was on the following Thursday, so in essence, I had four days to create a classroom learning environment.

I know there is a lot of empty space, but I prefer using more of my wall space to display anchor charts that aide instruction or student work.  Ready to see?  Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that now I'm teaching 5th Grade Science and I am so excited!

I took these photos on the afternoon of the first day of school.  This is my first time teaching in a 1:1 technology environment.  In other words, all students have access to their own computer.  We're using Chrome boxes for now.  So, I'm going to have to tweak my instructional practices a bit to incorporate cooperative learning opportunities, hands-on labs, and technology.  I accept the challenge!



  1. You are the one to make things happen Libby, no matter what is thrown at you. I think you did a fine job with setting everything up in such short of a time frame. : )

  2. Are clashrooms like that nowadays, all computers? Wow. I remember the old days when science (and everything else) was taught with books and notebooks. We're getting old. :-)
    Here school doesn't start till September 15th, our teachers have a little more time to get adjusted. I'm sure you're going to do a great job this year too!

  3. The classroom looks great! It must be fun to transition to teaching a new subject. Science can be so fun! Times have really changed. I remember there being a computer lab in high school with ancient machines and we had those floppy discs. But that was it for computers!

  4. Very cheerful classroom. I like the rick rack on the bulletin boards. I noticed all the computers right away. When I last taught freshman composition at the community college, they were just starting to have the technology classrooms. We were expected to have students write on the computers part of each class or one class a week, I forget. It was a HUGE change in my teaching, and, frankly, I didn't really get comfortable with it. I was so used to seeing the students' faces and trying to have everyone engaged in a whole group dynamic. I know it's the way of the world now though. I think all the middle-schoolers in our community are using Chromebooks this year. Good luck to you with this new adventure. Science will be a lot of fun I imagine!


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