5 Tips For Getting Kids To Clean Their Room {Guest Post}

Making your kids clean their room almost always turns into a war. You go through all the stages – from calmly reminding and bargaining to yelling and threatening. The result is frustrated parents, unhappy children and messy rooms. Obviously, the old method doesn’t work. Kids will be even more persistent to do the opposite to what they are told. So what can a parent do in such situation?

If you don’t want your kid’s room covered with dirty piles of laundry, food leftovers and garbage, then you need another strategy.

Understand Their Logic
As it happens with most kids, they don’t clean their room because they simply have more exciting things to do.  It can be anything from going out, pursuing a hobby or simply watching TV. Some children may get so involved in a certain activity that it’s the only thing they want to do, like video gaming for example. Consider the situation from their perspective. If you are faced with the choice to engage in something you like versus the boring cleaning chores, which one will you pick?
Sometimes the refusal to clean up their room is a matter of power struggle. Older children and teens tend to develop a more rebellious attitude. The more you try to control them, the more motivated they feel to resist than to clean.

Start Young
If you want to teach your child cleaning habits, then do it from the early age. Involve your kids in the cleaning chores. Choose tasks that are appropriate for their age. Toddlers and younger children can be very helpful. They can collect their toys and putting them in the box. While cleaning and organizing together, you also help them develop their motor skills.

Make It Fun
When it comes to kids, the key to fostering certain behaviour is by making it fun. Turn cleaning into a game. In this way you will establish positive association with these tasks. Instead of considering household chores dull and boring, they will find it entertaining. You can do this by turning domestic cleaning into a game. Be creative. Set a timer and see who will finish their tasks faster. You can go with the tried and tested method – positive reinforcement. For every job your kid completes, they will get a reward.

Give Them Some Autonomy
Kids, especially older ones value their private space. You need to respect that. Let them take care of their own place without intervening. This will make them feel more responsible for their room. If they are not cleaning their room, you should not do it for them, at least for a while. Most kids go through the messy phase and eventually overcome it. There is no need to overreact.

Take a Broader Look
Your child’s lack of cleanliness may be part of a larger problem.  If it is combined with other behavioural changes like low academic performance or socializing issues than you need to consult a professional.

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Guest post by Ella Andrews.


  1. Great tips! I don't know how my got us to clean our rooms. For as long as I can remember my brothers and I were responsible for dusting and vacuuming our rooms every Saturday! So I grew up a clean freak. Starting the kids young is probably the best thing a parent can do.


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