Finding Myself in Belize

Have you ever felt a connection to a place you've never traveled?  Ever since I can remember, I've been infactuated with Latin America and the Carribbean.  I've wanted to travel there so long, for reasons I can't begin to explain.  For years I've jokingly claimed to be an island girl at heart.

Today, I find myself in Belize, a small country nestled on the eastern shores of Central America.  As soon as the airplane passed the Florida Keys and Cuba, I felt something in my heart that at this time I can't fully express in words.  Even the sign greeting us at the airplane landing area on the island of San Pedro said, "Welcome Home."

It's not that I necessarily feel an ancestral connection to Belize or its people, but its something special in being surrounded in a sea of brown.

I welcome this experience to learn more about the culture of Belize and to do my part in sharing my love of education with our partners in education.

Finding Myself,


  1. So excited to see more pics of your adventures! Have fun!!! : )

  2. How exciting! I hear Belize is really beautiful. I hope you enjoy it Libby, :)


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