Family Vacations and Summer Activities {Guest Post}

Family Vacations and Summer Activities

Summer has finally arrived and the family can now enjoy some rest and relaxation as soon as you take your leave. But now that you have all the free time in the world to do as you please, how will you spend it? Surely, a summer spent home to dirty the house or apartment will only result in home cleaning, which is not what you want to do. What you want is to have fun. So take a pen and paper and put down everything you wanted to do in the summer, and let us review it.

Frequent outings is the way to start. Take the family to places which you previously had no time for. You can take them to the zoo for both entertainment, and educational purposes. Nothing like seeing how the monkeys dirty their cages to teach your kids the need of cleaning and keeping the house clean. Apart from that you can enjoy yourself, viewing the world’s most exotic animals, and the overall beauty of the Earth’s fauna.

If the zoo is not of your taste, or you simply cannot spend too much there, have the family visit the local cinema to see Hollywood’s latest blockbusters. Yes, some people probably want to see more sophisticated films, but the kids need to be entertained, right? If you like the arts, take the family to the theatre, a museum for more educational purposes, or even a gallery – expose them to the world’s art so that they learn to appreciate it.

Of course, you could go for the more wild option of going to the pool. Have daily outings to refresh yourself and the whole family in the nearest open pool, expose them to all of summer’s joys. By the end of the day, the kids will be all burned out, and will have a blissful slumber till next morning, while you will be free to enjoy the peaceful evening with your spouse – for a home movie, or some board game.

And if none of these options are to your liking, pick option C and have a vacation somewhere outside your town. Go to the nearest entertainment spot to have all the fun you can handle, away from home and all duties, responsibilities, and house cleaning after every time you go to the zoo or pool. There are as many options to go to a vacation as there are spots in the world, so take your pick. Go for a peaceful drive along different cities, or visit the big city and all its entertainment opportunities. Or go to the countryside to experience tranquil life among nature. And, speaking of nature, why not go for a hike? Teach the kids all about the environment and give them a practical lesson about the world’s woods or mountains as you go camping somewhere in the wild. There are no limitations to the things you can show them.

After you have tired yourself and the family to the bone, return home and rest before the typical responsibilities come to greet you once again.

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Guest post by Ella Andrews.


  1. Fun ideas! I love taking day trips. Summer is a lot easier without having children. It must be challenging to keep them occupied and interested in various activities.


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