Belize: Day 1

Tonight I felt lost and helpless.  After having only a few hours of sleep, I was drained.  My group was scheduled to attend a dinner somewhere.  I was to come downstairs at 6:10 p.m.  However, I ran down at 6:20 p.m.  Why?  Because I laid down and fell asleep.  I was so exhausted.  After traveling and sweating profusely, I was just drained.  Didn't help that I caught a major cramp in my leg and had no recourse.  And, my roommate's plane had malfunctioned making her unable to arrive today.  Anyways, bottom line, I was left; I was alone; I was thirsty.  I was hungry too but I could have gone without eating, but water, I could not.

Nightfall was coming quickly and I had to make a decision.  Living in the South spoils you because you can literally talk to anyone, but in a foreign country, that might not be that wise.  After returning to my room three times and contemplating whether or not I should cry, I made a decision.  Crying wouldn't help anything.  Emailing someone was futile because after the third time the power went out I was no longer able to access the Wi-Fi.  My decision?  Yell down from my 3rd story balcony to a lady coming from the sports bar across the way to see if it was open.  Thankfully, it was.

Imagine me in a sports bar.  Ha!  I don't even go there in the U.S.  But here I am, writing this declaration (which will later be transcribed into a lovely blog post) from the inside of a sports bar, being constantly sniffed by 2 large dogs, being thankful that God is helping me overcome my fear of dogs, eating a delicious veggi pizza and drinking the best warm bottled water I could ask for.

It isn't the lobster bisque and fish dinner I was scheduled to eat, but at this moment, this is a mighty fine meal.  I tell you this, tomorrow, I'll be out, on time, front and center, so I won't miss the sailing trip!

To be continued,


  1. I can just imagine you yelling down at someone from you balcony. Funny!!! Have a fabulous time on the sailing trip! : )

  2. The one thing about travelling outside the country is that awkward feeling of not knowing the language and culture! I feel your pain. It will get better. My friend and I got accidentally separated upon arrival in Switzerland (long story). We had to each get from the airport to our hotel on our own! There are 4 main languages in that country but none are English.


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