Bedroom Makeover Ideas and Tips {Guest Post}

Bedroom Makeover Ideas and Tips

Bedrooms are one of the more important rooms around a home, which makes them a prime target for a makeover. They will not only work well as reflections of your own personal tastes, but they are also a great place to enjoy more than a good night’s sleep. Some bedrooms allow a large enough room to act as more than bedrooms, potentially a studio bedroom or something similar, while others need a tighter control of interior decorations to work out, but in the end it all comes down to a few good guidelines to make a makeover work well:
  • Borrowing of elements
There are many objects that may originate as something other than furniture, but in the end they can be used as such to enrich the already present elements you have around the bedroom. A mantelpiece can be a good addition to a bedroom for example, as well as other elements. A door may be used as a headboard, combined and framed with crown molding. A wall can have an entire set of decals on it or a mural or your personal art. These are after all simply examples, so you would likely find a better idea more suited to your individual needs than the ones we mentioned here.
  • Separating items
You can separate your bed and the rest of the elements in the room with a simple frame of cubbies or a similar solution that works better. This can create a more controlled environment din a room you can work with, especially if said room is too small for your needs. If you want to create a good uniform look, then you should aim at using the same colors all around. This should allow you to have a single style all around the room without anything standing out too starkly against the backdrop if you feel you need to.

  • Storage space importance
If you don’t have all that much space to begin with, then maybe it means it is time for some house clearance and junk clearance in general. This should let you free up some space you can use for storage purposes with greater success. Using floating shelving is one way you can solve a limited storage space problem, while the other may lie in using a bed with a storage compartment underneath that allows you to utilize whatever floor space you have with greater efficiency.
  • Use of multipurpose furniture pieces
A necessary solution, especially if you don’t want to deal with junk removal far more often than you need to. Combination pieces of furniture will allow for a lot more flexibility around your bedroom, letting you move items around. A good example of that can be a bookcase headboard with a creative twist, hidden compartments and customized pieces of furniture.
  • Clashing colors
A combination of bright colors can really breathe new life into a dull old bedroom, but they may also become straining on the eyes, so you will need to consider how you want to handle the problem. Making sure contrasting colors work well together is an absolute must if you want to have an easier time dealing with your interior decorations.

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Guest post written by Ella Andrews.


  1. Great tips! Especially that about wall color. I always like neutrals in the bedroom since I like to slurge on new bedding every couple of years. If the walls are neutral, just about anything will work!


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