Tuesday's Feature: Dorotea Gale

Meet Dewi Christina and Saerah Dewi of Dorotea Gale.


AE:  Who are you and what is it that you do/make?    
DG:  We are Dewi Cristina and Saerah Dewi- two friends sharing one name. Though we come from different countries (Australia and Spain) we met each other while living in Indonesia and realized that we have a lot of things in common beyond a name: both our fathers are from Bali and we love everything to do with textiles and design. Getting to know each other better, we realised that what really bonded us was our appreciation for the handmade, and our interest in discovering our heritage and the rich, cultural landscape of traditional textiles.

We make bags and home decor items using traditional textiles.

AE:  How did you get started/What is the motivation behind your work?  
DG:  The core of what we do centres around traditional, handmade textiles, so we always hunt them out when we travel around. Dewi Cristina has a blog about textiles (in Spanish) but we wanted to go further in sharing the beauty and craftsmanship that can be found within the textiles. That’s why we decided to create something useful for everyday life and started making handbags and home decor items.

Everything we do is a step is an action for how we want the world to be. That’s why we really want to support and promote these traditional textiles, because everything handmade is a piece of heart, a part of a soul. 

AE:  Where can we find your work? 
DG:  You can buy all our products directly from our website: doroteagale.com.

We ship worldwide!


I am in awe of the beautiful handcrafted items by this duo team.  When I visited their website, I enjoyed reading their story and all the wonderful textiles.  You know I love color and texture!

Peace & Love,


  1. Cute bags, and, yes, the fabrics are special.

  2. The fabrics are beautiful! I love the wristlet bags!

  3. Thanks ladies! The Indonesian fabrics are indeed beautiful. This is such and amazing and skilful country, you'd love it. Follow us on social media to discover it with us! :)


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