Photography Class - Day 5

Monday was the 5th day of the photography class at camp.  We worked on finalizing some images.  When you work alone on something you've been doing for a while, it makes you forget how much longer it takes to work with others - especially kids of varying ages.  I asked one student, "Do you understand what I'm asking you to do or are you just being difficult on purpose?"  LOL  It wasn't because of the work.  I just needed the image.  Sometimes with young people, middle school/high school, they don't have a sense of time.  So, once she said that she wasn't trying to be difficult, I gently reminded her that I needed her image so that I could send it to the printer in order for her to be able to take home a keepsake from camp which would end in two days.  I know I've reiterated that each day of camp and I'll probably have to say it again tomorrow, but it will be worth it.

I'm so pleased with the images the students have submitted.  I can't wait to show you them once I have them all.  When one student said that she couldn't pick her favorite from three different images, I told her that that let's her know how good they really are.  So I chose all three to be printed.

I know I mentioned earlier that camp was 8 days long, but now it has been cut back to 7 because of July 4th holiday.  So, two days of camp left - one day of teaching and the last day will be a field trip to a university and that evening we will have graduation.


  1. I look forward to seeing the images!

  2. LOL
    I think we forget how different we perceived life as children/teenaers than we currently do. We want to rush everything, they want to take their time without thinking of deadlines. :-)


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