Photography Class - Day 4

Thursday was a pretty exciting day.  Both groups of kids came to class excited and ready to continue working on their photography projects.  When I arrived, one of the students had already been taking photographs in all of the morning classes.  She even took the initiative to take a photograph of each teacher and the camp leaders.

A few kids started uploading the images from everyone else's sd cards and Bloggie cameras so that they could select the images to be used for the slideshow at graduation.  Others worked on finalizing an image to have on display for Parent Night.

It was a long day, but when Parent Night started, I was overjoyed to see the support from families.  We served pizza to everyone and introduced all of the staff.  Also, one of the camp facilitators informed parents of what is needed to prepare for college.  Afterwards, parents and students were able to mingle and see the exhibits from all of the classes.  The culinary group even made homemade tortilla chips and salsa!  Students wanted me to meet their parents or grandparents and I was glad to of course.  It's always so refreshing to see students proud of their work.

Here's a little video of our Parent Night.  Here you'll be able to see some of the students' work.


  1. How fun! I love how your school has all these creative outlets for the students.

  2. That was beyond wonderful Libby!!! You and all the other teachers did a fabulous job at showing and teaching the kids about all of the different options out there for them. I'm sure there are a lot of kids that found something they can continue on with for the rest of their lives. Awesome job!!!!

  3. that is wonderful! You are such an inspiration and what a difference you are making in students' lives

  4. Loved the photographs chosen for the event! They did a great job indeed. :-)


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