Photography Class - Day 2

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On Tuesday, the second day of camp, the kids mainly focused on editing images.  My hope was to be able to have each student to edit one image so that I could have them printed and ready to be displayed by the time of the first Parent Night on Thursday.  However, because there were new students who needed to take images and others who got lost in all the options of Photoshop, that my friends, won't be happening this week.  Change of plans.  We'll work towards that goal for next Tuesday as well as create a slideshow of the camp experience to show during the graduation ceremony.

One student was fascinated by the filters in Photoshop and really transformed her image quite nicely.  She was very pleased with it, so what I will do is print both her original image and her edited one.  And again my star from yesterday said, "I like my image the way it is."  YES!  Although I enjoy Photoshop, my first love is to capture the image and present it as is.  Although she did change another image for the sake of practice, I was impressed by her willingness to showcase the sunflowers she captured just the way nature intended.

For the students who were absent the first day, I allowed another student who had also captured beautiful images, to show them the ropes.  They were gone for a bit, but when they came back, I was amazed.  They had been able to capture baby quails handheld by a teacher.  I loved that there were some students who focused specifically on the teacher's hands and the baby bird.  That composition makes a better statement than that of the teacher and the bird in the full frame.  In that regard, you don't know what to focus on and it becomes merely a snapshot.

Anyhoo, on Wednesday we all go on a field trip to visit nearby colleges, so hopefully students will capture a few great images from this excursion.


  1. Photoshop is something I need to check out. I have only used a camera's software in the past.I hope you had fun on today's excursion!

  2. I am one that truly appreciates what can be captured without all the fancy stuff. Kind of hard to explain that to the photographer that lives with me. : )

  3. I usually edit my photos only for correcting light purposes and don't apply filters. But it's fun to know how to and play with images sometines, isn't it? I bet your students enjoyed this class.


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