Guidelines for Organizing a Family Cleaning Day {Guest Post}

You have likely thought about it, getting your family ready for a big day of cleaning, especially when you have a large house that needs this type of approach. Before you jump onto that train of thought however, you would need to do a few things to organize your efforts:
  • You would do well to ensure you have no prior engagements before you decide to set aside some time to work on your tasks. Double check your schedule and plan well ahead of time to keep you time free and easy to deal with.
  • Invite everyone to bring some favorite music to listen to while you work together on cleaning your home. Take turns playing the music and try to determine order by random. You can even figure out a small prize for having best and worst music to jam to while you’re doing floor cleaning, carpet cleaning and more.
  • You should gather your cleaning supplies before the big day. Running off to the store for such will not only ruin the momentum of the cleaning, but it will sometimes simply require you to stop cleaning.
  • You should keep some great snacks and drinks on hand for breaks, choosing the favorites of everyone in your family. Keep some break times predetermined to allow your family a time to still enjoy their day without making things seem to bothersome to deal with.
  • You can make cleaning less of a chore by hiding some small tokens around the areas meant to be cleaned. Whoever gets a token while cleaning or completing a task on time will get some small reward for their efforts.
  • You can’t expect kids that are simply too young to deal with the heavier aspects of cleaning your home and organizing it. You can have them do some sorting around the house just so they can help but not be saddled with too difficult tasks. Giving them such a task will help them find something to do while the rest of your family and you clean the house.
  • You can make your cleanup into a sort of contest, dividing the family into teams and letting them work together to get the job done. Give equal amounts of work when possible and reward the winning and losing teams with something of your choice to keep them invested in the cleanup.
  • You can even take photos of the cleaning, regardless of what type of cleaning is being done. You can look at them later and remember the moment, especially if you had fun doing it (or so you can brag about it years down the line when kids are grown up and you want to remind them of the good old days).
  • You would do well to plan a good reward when the job is done. After a day of dealing with upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning and more you can kick back and relax with some pizza and a movie or a game night. Whatever you wish to do, you can really enjoy things in the end when your home is squeaky clean.

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Guest Post by Ella Andrews.


  1. Great tips for getting the family involved. Cleaning is not exactly fun but there are great ways to make it sort of fun. :-)


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