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Hello, my faithful readers.  I'm back!  Well, almost.  I had taken a blog hiatus for a while, but hopefully I will be able to return to this space (I have so much to tell) now that the school year has officially ended for students.  I still have a few more days.  However, this particular blog post is actually a class assignment.  

In this assignment, I pretend to be a principal, and I am discussing my plan for teachers implementing digital citizenship lessons into their lessons.  Curious about what digital citizenship is?  Simply put, "digital citizenship is a concept which helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately."  Now, those words aren't mine, so let me cite the source.  *wink*  

Digital Citizenship:  Using Technology Appropriately.  (n.d.)  Welcome to the Digital Citizenship Website.  Retrieved from

As always, feel free to read and comment below.

June 12, 2015

Ms. Elisabeth H., Principal
Smithfield Middle School
222 Southern Circle Dr.
Anytown, Anystate, 55555

Dr. James Phillips, Superintendent
Rockfish County Schools
111 E. Main Street,
Anytown, Anystate, 55555

Dear Dr. Phillips,

I am excited to embark upon the implementation of the digital citizenship curriculum next school year.  The School Improvement Team has developed a course of action in regards to creating and implementing this addition to our curriculum.  Per your request, I am submitting an outline of our school plans to you.  I am also forwarding them to the Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction and the Director of Instructional Technology.

I look forward to your feedback so that we can move forward with our plans.  It is my hope that this course of action will strengthen teachers' knowledge of digital citizenship so that collectively we can teach our students the appropriate and responsible use of technology.

Yours in Education,

Elisabeth H., Principal
cc:  Nancy Smith, Asst. Supt. of Curriculum and Instruction
      Bob Hartwell, Director of Instructional Technology

enclosure:  Digital Citizenship Implementation Plan

Digital Citizenship Implementation Plan

Phase I
  • Discuss plan with School Improvement Team (March 2015)
  • Discuss with Staff (April 2015)
  • SIP develops a plan for implementation (May 2015)
    • Task Force group of teachers representing each grade level will be identified
Phase II
  • Task Force group and Technology Coach develop lesson series for teachers to integrate into their daily lessons based on the ISTE Standards for Teachers 4  (June 2015)
    • Each quarter, one of the four indicators for Standard 4 will be addressed (the entire school will be addressed the same indicator each quarter)
    • Each subsequent quarter, teachers are expected to continue practicing the previous indicators in addition to the one introduced in the present quarter
Phase III
  • Summer Professional Development (PD) with Staff (August)
Phase IV
  • Implementation (September 2015- June 2016)

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  1. This sounds so important and necessary for today! Times certainly have changed.


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