Designing Your Garden for Your Style {Guest Post}

Our personal style will reflect in countless aspects of our lives. It occurs in the clothes we wear, the way out hair is styled, the type of music we listen to, the hobbies we have, the places we spend time, the way out homes are decorated and more. It is an outward projection of our soul and a way to let others know who we are and what we are about. It is in important aspect of life that exists so that we have an identity and we can feel comfortable being who we are. Our style attracts others, bringing like minded intervals to us who we can share our tastes and personalities.

The garden is usually seen ad a little rustic spot in our home. It is where we grow and cultivate living things as a hobby, a way of making our home look good, and more. We can spend time here relaxing, having fun, enjoying hobbies and the weather, be with friends, family pets and more. It can be an essential aspect for our lives and it too can play a role in our style. The way your garden is arranged, designed and more will showcase our personality and so it should be considered with all the other aspects that reveal our character. Finding and achieving unique style in a garden can be tough but with a few tips it can be an extension of your character.

Research is the first step to take to make your garden you. There will be countless things you can do and add to your green patch of land that you want to ensure you get what you want and need. Looking in garden centres can provide a myriad of ideas, from plants and ornaments to use and more. Looking online, watch gardening TV and in magazines can give you ideas and examples as well as techniques and methods available to creating a new garden. Compile the things you like and compare each though and item to see which is best.

Planting the right flowers is vital. The flora you use will dictate the style you are going for so you must carefully consider this. Wild flowers will give off an exotic look, while native flowers will provide a more homely atmosphere. The colour of your plants is the thing to focus on because colour schemes are an important part of the process. Stick to one or two colours for an even look and choose the shades that you like the most. Be sure that the plants you select can live in your garden and that you can look after them properly.

Garden furniture and ornaments come in countless forms. From rocks, flower baskets and benches to
pottery, bird feeders, ponds and gnomes you will be spoilt for choice. Look for as many items as you can find and decide what you like most. Think where they will work well in your garden and try different arrangements for the best and most unique results.

Proper garden maintenance is important to achieve all of this. Lawn mowing and trimming and hedging have to be done, otherwise your distinctive style will be destroyed by mess, weeds and clutter. A top gardening service can help you with all aspects from maintenance and design, so look into both. Garden design services can help you achieve your look effectively and simply and professional gardeners can keep things looking their best.

Achieving a style true to you is tough but it will be worth the cost and effort when you are happy with you and your garden.

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Article contributed by Ella Andrews.


  1. So much to think about adding style to a garden. I have always been all over the place about it with no plan! My next house though, I plan on developing a style and creating a beautiful yard!

  2. I'm at that "place" with my front flower bed. I have to get my act together so it doesn't look so bad this summer. : )


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